The perfect treat for Halloween or Bonfire night
6th October 2015
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-          8 Apples

-          400 grams of golden caster sugar

-          1tbsp of vinegar

-          4 tbsp of golden syrup


  1. Put the apples into a large mixing bowl and cover with boiling hot water. The reason for this is because the boiling water will remove the waxy coat of the apples, enabling the toffee to stick properly.
  2. Dry the apples thoroughly and remove any stalks.
  3. Next push your wooden sticks in for the stick of your toffee apple.
  4. Put the apples out on some baking parchment near your cooker. Pour the sugar into a pan along with 100ml of water. Cook this mixture for 5 minutes until the sugar dissolves. Following this, pour in the vinegar and golden syrup. Boil this whole mixture until it reaches 140 degrees/ “hard crack” stage.
    Top tip: If you do not have a sugar thermometer, then pour some of the toffee mixture into cold water and the mixture should instantly harden and be able to break. If the toffee mixture is soft then continue to boil.
  5. Working quickly, twist each apple into the mixture, covering them with toffee. You can then add toppings if you would like to. 
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