“SILENCE”: A Profound Communal Storytelling Experience - Review by Susan Vickers
24th April 2024
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“It was a great tragedy. We were friends one day and enemies the next. I will take these things to my grave.”   “SILENCE” at the Birmingham Rep Theatre is a poignant and beautifully crafted play that delves into one of history’s most tumultuous events—the 1947 partition of India. Adapted from Kavita Puri’s acclaimed book “Partition Voices: Untold British Stories,” this production weaves together personal testimonies, creating a shared history that resonates deeply with audiences.
  The partition of India in 1947 saw millions uprooted and resulted in unspeakable violence. It led to the formation of three countries: India, West Pakistan, and East Pakistan (now Pakistan and Bangladesh). But beyond the geopolitical shifts, the partition also left an indelible mark on modern Britain. Witnesses to this brutal moment in history still live among us, yet their stories often remain shrouded in silence.  
  • Ensemble Cast: The talented ensemble cast, including Aaron Gill, Alexander D’sa, Asif Khan, Bhasker Patel, Mamta Kaash, and Tia Dutt, delivers each story with compelling authenticity. Their performances transport the audience to the heart of the partition’s impact.  
  • Visual Realism: The play employs projections and graphic visuals, creating a documentary-like realism. These visuals enhance the storytelling, allowing us to witness the events as if we were there.  
  • Poetic Refrains: Amid the historical accounts, poetic refrains resonate, reminding us of the human emotions that transcended borders during those fateful days.

“SILENCE” is more than a play; it’s an urgent testimony. It bears witness to the past and sparks conversations about identity, history, and humanity. Whether you’re familiar with the partition’s history or discovering it for the first time, this production will move you. It celebrates the heroic, the humorous, and the humane stories that emerged from tragedy.


As the curtain falls, “SILENCE” leaves us reflecting on the lives forever changed by the partition. It’s a must-see for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the events that continue to shape our world. The Birmingham Rep Theatre has brought this remarkable piece of history to life, and it will resonate with audiences long after the applause fades.


Don’t miss your chance to witness “SILENCE” at the Birmingham Rep Theatre. Book your tickets now and be part of this powerful communal storytelling experience.  
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