Race for Life
19th July 2013
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Race for Life is coming to Birmingham on Sunday, July 21st. The event takes place at Cannon Hill Park at 10:00am. The total distance that will be completed by contestants this upcoming Sunday in Birmingham is 5k. The starting place, Cannon Hill Park, is situated just off Edgbaston Road, Birmingham. The park itself has a lot of facilities such as recreation, refreshments, walks, events and toilets. So if friends and family want to wait for you they can. Usually, the event varies between 5k and 10k depending on what time of year you wish to do this event. If you miss this event there are others that take place in Birmingham and surrounding areas in the months to come. Though the event says race for life you don’t have to run and you can feel free to walk it with friends and family. You don’t even have to take part as there are a multitude of reasons to support this event. You could sponsor to do your part. Any small fraction would help fun Cancer Research. Race for Life is a charity run all in aid of cancer research UK. It is a charity event that supports all 200 types of cancer. It is a charity for women-only who want to fundraise in aid of women that have died because of cancer. Race for Life started in 1994 and over 6 million women have taken part. There are other events that this charity has enforced. These events consist of charity runs, social and cultural events, charity walks, charity challenges and other sports events.


Author : Jade Varney

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