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26th July 2013
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We live in tough economic times. Even as politicians and economists suggest that things are getting better most of us know that money is tight, it never seems to go quite far enough!


The Best of Birmingham can help. The Best of Birmingham members can put offers onto the website in order to promote their business and introduce new customers to their products and services. This is a benefit to those making the offer - and increase in trade - and a benefit to those taking advantage of the offer in the form of lower prices and additional features.


Two offers are available on the Best of Birmingham at the moment. The first is a headshot photography offer from Aimee Spinks Photography. This is a super offer for those who need to present a clean professional headshot image for promotional material, or a website. The second offer is from Edgbaston Hypnotherapy who can help with weight loss this summer.

 Sign up and check out these offers today. And remember to log in to the site for more offers in the future. 

So let your friends know that for the Best of Offers click on the Best of Birmingham.


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