Festival of Faith Coming to Birmingham
4th March 2024
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"The Festival of Faith" said Claudeth McLeod MNS (Hons) BSN (Hons) LLb (Hons) "is coming to Birmingham and we want to reach the community with love and understanding and bring grace and truth and awareness to everyone under our umbrella".


Claudeth expressed her interest in different communities and their religions from a very young age.


Having a passion for spirituality in others. Claudeth grew up in an affluent family, her parents instilled in all their children a neutral eye in viewing the world's religions. Claudeth stated she noticed the harsh spirituality of faith in others who were away from their families when they went off to university.


Whilst working within the NHS from SRN to Matron Claudeth grew a rapport with several faiths of Birmingham. Claudeth works for a better understanding of the religion and common duality of other faiths.


Claudeth travelled to Africa to learn first-hand why religion is so divided and some more prominent within certain communities. Claudeth brought back that knowledge to the UK and arranged private talks with religious leaders of various faiths of Birmingham to relate this information to their brothers and sisters, that's how "Festival of Faith” materialized.


Emails after email, phone call after phone call, meeting after meeting, Claudeth finally got the connections she desired, built a strong administration team, and registered the company.


Festival of Faith does not stay within the confines of Birmingham Central, they travel to various cities and towns
Festival of Faith's goal for 2025 is to bring all faiths into open-air concerts singing together in one voice, this can only enhance the togetherness of all up-and-coming generations, giving us an understanding, and respect for each other faiths.


“It's all about protecting the next generation”, she states.

Festival of Faith connects cities and towns in song and praise, building friendships, connections and understanding of tolerance of others. These ideas will positively impact perceptions of each other for generations to come. Festival of Faith expresses their gratitude for the time and attention to this matter.


Claudeth is dedicated and committed to working collaboratively for the betterment of all religious communities.


Claudeth has always displayed kindness and concern for others, she has always put others before herself having a natural hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something such as having a bonded religious network for the vulnerable.


This remarkable woman has self-funded all that she does for the communities that she helps. In the future, Claudeth wants to make, “Festival of Faith”, into a foundation, so the world can come together under one umbrella of spirituality, a reality and not just a dream.

“Together we build forever and we survive”!


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