Exciting New Play by Local Playwright Steven C Davis
19th April 2024
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On the 19th October, Mother Hode comes to the Black Box in Birmingham. The Black Box is a new theatre, opened in March this year in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham (B19 3EB).


Mother Hode is a tale as old as time – set over 1,000 years ago, Athelstan is destroying communities and families to form a greater kingdom with himself as its king. Hode is an illegitimate daughter of the God Cernunnos, lord of the Forest.


Her father’s followers want to make her their May Queen or sacrifice her to her father. All Hode wants is to live in peace, to raise a family and one day have grandchildren. But as Athelstan tightens his grip on the country, only Sherwood – Hode and her family’s home – remains free.


A place of sanctuary for outlaws, the dispossessed, those who’ve fled persecution, Saxons, Norse, free men and women who believe community and family means more than nationality. What would you do when your life, your family’s lives, were at stake?


Would you stand and fight, though you are hopelessly outnumbered, because it is the right thing to do, or flee or take an easier option? In these troubled times, Mother Hode is the Warrior Queen we truly need.


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