Construction specialists unveils new architectural endeavour
5th April 2024
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With a strategic consolidation of its Birmingham and London offices on May 1, 2023, BG Architects emerges as a dynamic force poised to reshape the architectural landscape.

BG Architects represents a bold step forward for the company, uniting previously separate entities under a cohesive vision. Prior to the consolidation, the architecture division had successfully operated within distinct management structures.

However, with this integration, BG Architects further solidifies its commitment to excellence and innovation in the built environment.

As an RIBA Chartered Member, BG Architects sets a gold standard in the industry, signalling to both employers and clients a steadfast dedication to upholding the highest ethical standards outlined in the RIBA Code of Professional Conduct.

Dan Bridgewater, partner at Baily Garner said: "BG Architects is not just a consolidation; it's a transformative journey towards architectural excellence.

"Our Birmingham and London studios, formerly operating independently of each other, now stand united to deliver unparalleled architectural design outcomes."

“The amalgamation of talent within BG Architects comprises a diverse team of 26 individuals, including two partners, six senior architects, two architects, one senior technician, one technician, one bim coordinator, 12 assistant/trainees, and one administrator. This dynamic blend of expertise and experience positions BG Architects as a formidable player in the architectural arena.

Dan continued: "While we have a rich history in surveying, project management and building services, our ambition extends far beyond.

“We are excited to reintroduce ourselves to the world as Baily Garner Architects, reflecting our commitment to architectural innovation and design excellence."

BG Architects has already left an indelible mark on various public sector projects, spanning housing, education, blue light services, and local authority initiatives. Among its upcoming endeavours is the creation of approximately 750 new homes in Coventry, as well as engaging regeneration projects that promise to redefine urban landscapes.

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