14th March 2024
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The archives, which have been situated in the heart of Bournville for more than 120 years, have received a substantial refurbishment and investment of £350,000 to mark Cadbury’s milestone 200-year anniversary.


The Cadbury archives, one of only two in the world, serve as a treasure trove of historical artifacts, documents and memorabilia that displays the evolution of Cadbury from its humble beginnings to its status today as one of the world’s most beloved brands. The investment from Mondelēz International has revitalised and refurbished the archives of one of their most beloved brands, ensuring their preservation for generations to come.


With nearly 50,000 Cadbury items, some dating as far back as 1842, the archives are home to some of the rarest Cadbury documents and artefacts in the world. Key pieces include a scrapbook containing information from the Bridge Street factory, which was the Cadbury factory before Bournville, as well as Richard Cadbury’s own personal watercolour painting book from 1866. Countless artifacts, business reports and memorabilia, including packaging, mugs and seasonal items, are also kept safe in the space and showcase the evolution of the Cadbury business and brand from 1824 to the present day. 


Professor Carl Chinn MBE, Duncan Cadbury, Trustee and former Chairman of the Bournville Village Trust, and archivist Sarah Foden, curator of Cadbury’s history for the past 35 years, officially unveiled and reopened the archives today (Thursday 14 March).


Sarah Foden commented:


“This investment is transformative for our archives. Not only has it enabled us to invest in a new space, it has also allowed our dedicated archives team to enhance the preservation of the precious artifacts and safeguard materials for the future.”


Birmingham-born historian and best-selling author, Professor Carl Chinn MBE, commented:


“The Cadbury archives are an invaluable resource for understanding the evolution of the iconic Cadbury brand, which is synonymous with Birmingham. This investment from Mondelēz International not only showcases their commitment to preserving our local heritage and history, but also ensures that the stories encapsulated within these walls will continue to inspire and educate future generations for many years to come.”


Louise Stigant, UK Managing Director of Mondelēz International, added:


“As we celebrate the 200th anniversary of Cadbury throughout the year, the value of our heritage has never been more apparent. The archives are unique and irreplaceable, and I am incredibly proud of the newly renovated space which forms an essential part of both this year’s 200-year celebrations and beyond. The investment into the Cadbury archives is a fantastic way of honouring our past, and shaping our future.”


Although the archives are not open to the public, the local community will have the chance to visit the archives as part of Bournville Heritage Open Day on Saturday 14 September, where they can see the fascinating items first-hand. What’s more, further exciting opportunities for the public to visit the newly refurbished archives are in the pipeline throughout the year, as part of Cadbury’s ongoing 200-year anniversary celebrations.


In 1824, John Cadbury opened a small grocery shop located on Bull Street, Birmingham. With the help of his sons, Richard and George, the trio created a business that was flourishing by the late 1870s. Since then, Cadbury has journeyed from its humble origins as a small grocery shop, to a factory in a garden and finally to the Cadbury we all know today.


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