Birmingham PHAB Camps
28th June 2013
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Birmingham PHAB Camps is a local charity. The name originally stood for Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied but now it’s just a logo. It is a small, totally voluntary organisation that takes a wide selection of both children and disabled young adults away for the week of July-August holidays. They also take abled bodied children and young adults that may be experiencing difficulties or problems in their everyday lives. This is an important philosophy of the camp – the mixing of all the abilities of having fun! No matter of the person’s ability PHAB Camp adjusts to their personal needs providing the maximum care for them to enjoy their activities. The campers can experience a wide range of activities aided by PHAB Camps these include, abseiling, archery, zip wire, canoeing, raft building and horse riding, this is to name but a few. By mixing with varied individuals and abilities I have gained friendships to last a lifetime all thanks to PHAB. Due to the recession the charity is receiving less and less donations each year and each year it costs an average of £90,000 to do the activities/holidays due to equipment, centre hire, transportation and other necessities. Charity events are organised throughout the year to raise money and awareness for the camps to continue. Future events are:

23 July - Yoga Taster Class

17 August - Collection - Tesco, Hockley

14 September - Collection - ASDA Kings Heath

21 September - PHAB Ashes - Firewalk

20 December - Collection - Tesco Aston Lane

Any further details can be found on our website.

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