Are we a nation of savvy savers? New data reveals the extent of UK’s saving habits.
7th February 2019
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New research has revealed the attitudes that the UK public have towards putting their money away for a rainy day.

Online lender Sunny surveyed over 1,000 people to find out how much the UK knew and understood when it came to budgeting, how much they saved and their money habits in general.


The research found 59% of people currently save money either regularly or as and when they can, while only 5% aren’t saving anything and never have. Worryingly, 38%of the UK have less than £1000 in savings, leaving them exposed to difficulty should an unexpected bill come their way.


Overall, 88% of those who took part have saved money in some shape or form at some point, however one in 20 believed that life was simply too short to put money to one side.


So which region in the UK puts the most money away on average every month?


1. London - £228

2. South East - £201

3. Northern Ireland - £178

4. East of England - £171

5. East Midlands - £151

6. Yorkshire and the Humber - £146

7. South West £139

8. Scotland - £136

9. Wales - £130

9. North East - £130

11. North West - £115

12. West Midlands - £112


The research also revealed…


  • The average saver in the UK puts away £156 a month.


  • Women are more likely to save than men, with 35% responding that they put away what they can, compared to 32% of men who took part.


  • However, women are less likely to have investments than men. Only 29% of women surveyed said they held investments compared to 41% of men.


  • 12% of people only save when they have a specific goal.


A full breakdown of the research results have been included in a new infographic which you can take a look at here


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Results collated from a survey of 1005 general respondents across the UK across 10/08/18 to 13/08/18

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