Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Olympic Medallist Gail Emms MBE & Cllr Wendy Rider Marks SmartFit35 Open
18th July 2018
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Held on Wednesday 18 July, at the Pilgrim Centre, SmartFit35 was joined by Olympic badminton silver medallist Gail Emms MBE and Cllr Wendy Rider for a ribbon cutting ceremony to declare the revolutionary fitness club open. 

Gail Emms and Cllr Wendy Rider officially declare SmartFit35 open with fitness club team.

The SmartFit35 team saw many residents of Bedford attend the official opening with Gail Emms, who tried out the impressive fitness circuit where users can achieve their wellbeing goals in as little as 35 minutes.
The fitness club’s innovative concept has been a hit in Europe with a staggering 2 million people adopting the scientifically proven training method.



SmartFit35 offers a new way of cardiovascular and strength training. As well as providing advice from the expert team, SmartFit35’s personalised smart wrist bands adjust the machine’s resistance, count reps and tracks every session – providing an effective, affordable and hassle free way of exercising. 

Cllr Wendy Rider commented: “What makes SmartFit35 attractive is the intimate feel. Gyms can often feel daunting with a lot of different equipment and not knowing where to start. The team at SmartFit35 offer a personable approach and guide you through the workout. I’m so impressed, I’m signing up!” 

Joe Robinson-Smith Club Manager at SmartFit35 comments, “We have been delighted with the interest received in the latest fitness concept. It’s been brilliant to have Gail at the club testing the equipment for herself. Not only is the circle effective but it is accessible for everyone and we have created a relaxing environment for users to enjoy pre and post workout.”


The former Olympic and world championship medallist, Gail Emms MBE comments, “I am honoured to join the team of SmartFit35 for the opening. It’s such a brilliant fitness concept for people who want to become more active. I’ve had a go at the circuit which provides a no fuss answer to exercise and can see why it’s taken off in Europe! The machines are simple to use and the technology is very impressive. It’s a great place for the people of Bedford to improve their overall health.”

SmartFit35 is now open and offering trails for people to try out the concept. The fitness club is located at Pilgrim Centre, Brickhill Drive, Bedford, MK41 7PZ

For more information on SmartFit35, visit: SmartFit35.co.uk

Article content supplied courtesy of www.brandmission.co.uk

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