A Great Time to Talk Turkey!
4th January 2012
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Happy New Year one and all


A great time to talk Turkey!


Some seasonal food for thought and something to chew over in the year ahead – particularly if you don’t want to get stuffed.



Sad news really - but research just recently conducted has indicated that 97.6% of managers who commission Branding, Identity and Design projects ended up with the proverbial turkey at the end of 2011


Sad news indeed for everyone - except perhaps Bernard Matthews!


But it really did not have to be this way – if only they had worked with the right Branding, Identity and Design Consultancy. The fact is that despite good intentions and stout resolutions made at the start of the year, they all just fell into the trap of failing to break with tradition and failing to be different and ended up just like everyone else – headless chickens who had cooked their goose, heading for a real roasting.


The research states that businesses behaving in this manner will never rule the roost.

It notes that by choosing to follow the flock and operate on a wing and a prayer, such businesses will simply be left without a leg to stand on and destined to end up totally plucked and well and truly stuffed – bad news for all – except perhaps Paxo!


Without wishing to make a meal of the findings and attempting to cut through the inevitable gobbledegook, it is clearly time to ruffle some feathers. Some basic truths - some of which may at first seem totally unpalatable -  need to be brought home to roost if businesses are to have any chance of carving out a real opportunity for themselves and getting a decent slice of the action in 2012.


Senior management, the research stresses, should not duck their responsibilities.


Just taking a quick gander at the topline results, it is clear that every business needs a recipe for success that is both creative and original and that what is sauce for the goose isn’t necessarily sauce for the gander. It is also clear that high-flying managers need to understand their businesses and brands better and need to take great care not to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Importantly, it stresses that they need to give free range to the creativity of their chosen Branding, Identity and Design Consultancy rather than simply relying on growing their businesses and brands organically.


Finally, the research notes that many chicken-livered managers who fail to keep abreast of the latest Branding, Identity and Design thinking might turn tail and take flight at the very idea of sticking their necks out and running fowl of established conventions. It goes on to say that  if they don’t like the heat they should get well and truly out of the kitchen and appoint a good Branding, Identity and Design Consultancy such as Strangebrew who can help add to their festive cheer in 2012 with an injection of bold, frank insights and a generous helping of mirth.


If they don’t, it will probably be tough turkey all round again at the end of 2012!


Have a great New Year and don’t forget to think Brand not bland if you want a recipe for success.


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