Ten Top Tips for a Stress-Free House Move
20th April 2017
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Ten Top Tips that may help.

  1. Planning, establish a plan of action. House moving can be fun, so long as there are no nasty surprises. Contact the Removal Company of choice well in advance, Burnham Warehouse Removals and Storage offer a complete service for domestic and commercial removals and storage. Ask for plenty of packaging materials or ask them to pack for you.
  2. Start the packing early, inessentials first, de-clutter as you go. Place the packing cases in an unused room, or have them placed in a secure store at Burnham Warehouse Removals and Storage, they do short or long-term storage packages.
  3. Mark the contents clearly on each box, keep essential items: medical items, food and drink, and personal items separate, to go with you when you travel to your new home.
  4. Keep the box contents to a weight that can easily be carried, under 30lbs per box. Pack well protecting the contents with old newspaper or bubble wrap, talk to Burnham Warehouse Removals and Storage they can supply packing materials.
  5. Empty one room at a time, starting with the least used rooms. Remember the garden and garage tools, if the tool-box is required for building beds and other furniture make sure it goes with you, the same goes for the kettle, cups, can-opener, and food, a cuppa and a sandwich will keep the family happy.
  6. Let the experts move the heavier items, they know how to lift heavy items and how to transport them safely, this goes for kitchen appliances also.
  7. Place heavier boxes at the bottom of the stack, with lighter ones and those containing delicate items safe.
  8. Electronics, computers and high-tech products such as TV’s and home entertainment centers. They need specialist packaging, especially if they are likely to be stored for a while, ask for specialist packaging materials.
  9. Take Meter Readings at the house you are leaving and the new one. Make sure that the utilities will be connected.
  10. Take photographs of the property once it is empty in case any false claims are made later, record each room using a date and time stamped camera/smart phone.

Burnham Warehouse Removals and Storage is the premier specialist Company for removals locally and anywhere in the Country and Europe. They are highly recommended by The Best of UK bringing the most trusted local businesses and the Community together.

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