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Boarded-up balustrade

09 April 2014 10:17

One of Bath's most iconic tourist spots is showing signs of being boarded up. What's going on beside Pulteney Bridge & Weir?

Statue moves!

24 March 2014 14:57

The double life-sized torso of Olympic swimmer Mark Foster - who trained in Bath - has been moved from its original site at the entrance to the Southgate Shopping Centre.

Rainbows over Claverton Manor

The Bath-based American Museum in Britain opens its 2014 season on the 22nd of March with a dazzling special exhibition.

Tell Laura l love her!

09 March 2014 13:14

Great Pulteney Street has sprung into life with the switching on of the fountain at the town end. Once described as looking like a giant ashtray it was due to be properly renovated but that will now not happen until next year.

Forgotten friends?

04 March 2014 14:31

Journalist and ex-tv and radio presenter Richard Wyatt is now Director of the Virtual Museum of Bath. It's an on-line cyber facility that embraces all the city's heritage and history. Here's his take on a hidden bit of Bath's past.

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