The Owl Sanctuary
  • 16 Foxfield Road,
    Barrow in Furness
    LA14 3SJ
The Owl Sanctuary - your hands-on experience with owls!


Having rescued owls, hand reared them and taken them under his wing. Paul Rose has turned his passion for helping these fantastic birds into the wonderful non-profit organization – The Owl Sanctuary.

The Owl sanctuary gives you a hands-on experience with these magnificent birds that you’ll never forget. 

Since it was established back in 2012, The Owl Sanctuary has grown from strength to strength, with Paul and his team helping, and hand rearing rescued owls. Conservation and the wellbeing of the owls are top on the list of the sanctuary’s priorities, but it also has an ongoing commitment to education too.

Paul and the owls regularly visit Residential Care Homes, groups associations and clubs. The Owl Sanctuary is also a firm favourite with traders and shoppers at Barrow Indoor Market, with an appearance there every month. The Owl Sanctuary also has a schools education programme which is extremely popular.

Although all the owls are in good health and are happy to be handled by the public, they don't have the ability to return to the wild and survive on their own.

You may be forgiven for thinking that because of films like Harry Potter and animated films, that Owls make good pets, something cool to be seen with, and although there’s no doubt how awesome these birds are, this simply isn’t the case. Paul and The Owl Sanctuary are on a mission to re-educate people (young and old) and help improve their understanding of these special birds.

The objectives of The Owl Sanctuary are:

Wild rescues should be returned to the wild.

Creative conservation of the wild and captive Owl populations.

Practical research.

Imaginative education.

Carrying out education and research to improve our understanding of these special birds.

Encouraging everyone to enjoy and appreciate Owls and the web of life on which they depend.

Helping children to understand owls and their role in the natural world.

Harnessing the enthusiasm of volunteers to help safeguard the future of Owls.

For more details about The Owl Sanctuary and the wonderful work they do please visit:

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