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Very inspiring. Great for all over toning, fun and laughter. Suzanne is really motivational
A brilliant way to exercise. A really friendly environment, great music and fab instructor. I loved it!
I really enjoyed it. Good fun and energetic.
Wow! Fantastic session! Frogging is the way forward
5 stars! Sue is fabulous at what she does! Fun exercise that really works. Will be booking in.
A really good workout. Lots of fun
A brilliant start to my Friday! Thank you for the taster session, I had fun and worked hard too.
Exercise and fun all rolled into one. Thank you for such an enjoyable and interesting morning!
I really enjoyed it! I liked the music and it felt like a night out
What a fantastic way to get fit. Music, fun and bouncing - I love it, it's so different!. Got the Boogie Bounce Bug! I love the new routines to keep us coming back every week
Boogie Bounce is a fun, friendly, energetic workout. Come along and join us at Walney.
Boogie Bounce is my life, my community, my main place to release stress and feel a feeling that you can't explain. Suzanne is a star, she has become such a close friend to me through the power of trying something new and being brave.
I love Boogie Bounce! Over the years I have tried lots of different things but got bored due to the repetitiveness of it. Boogie Bounce is so much more. It's fun, it's fast and the instructor is so motivating. Routines change - which I like. I don't get bored anymore. I now look forward to my Mondays and Tuesdays!
Give it a try... This will be my 3rd year doing Boogie Bounce, I LOVE IT! Suzanne and Sally are great at what they do! Boogie Bounce is perfect for any fitness level to do at your own pace. It's fun & addictive, I'd be lost without it.
A great workout and fun too!
Boogie bounce is a great energenic and friendly exercise class. I have joined various gyms over the years and boogie bounce is the only one I have stuck to. Suzanne is a great teacher making it very enjoyable.
I love Suzanne’s enthusiasm for her business, she is so passionate about her classes, helping others and growing her business it’s infectious.
I first came to Boogie Bounce just over two years ago having done no exercise for many years. There was a whole range of people from the very fit to those who wobbled alongside me in the first few weeks. I was made to feel welcome and part of the Boogie Bounce family. Since then I have made lots of friends, become much fitter, healthier and happier and have so much more confidence in all aspects of my life. Suzanne, SaIly and Carly are all great instructors. I cannot recommend it more highly.
Boogie bounce makes excersise fun and enjoyable, suitable for all fitness levels as there are different options, low impact but high energy, I always leave feeling relaxed and happy. Super trainers who are friendly and supportive.

Reply from Boogie Bounce:
Thank you Catherine. Appreciate the review 👍 🐸
I've been going to boogie bounce 2 and a half years. Over that time ive managed to lose weight, get much fitter and feel more positive about myself. Suzanne's energy and motivation is infectious making you want to join in and give class everything you've got. I feel that I worry less and feel more free since joining boogie bounce everyone who attends is supportive and completely non judgemental and this is an ethos fully encouraged by suzanne. So if you are looking for an excersise class thats lots of fun, for all all ages, sizes and fitness that is low impact but still hard core, give it a try you wont be dissapointed.
Absolutely love Boogie Bounce, friendly class for every level of fitness, delivered by fantastic instructors. My happy place x
Boogie Bounce is different from any other exercise class. It is a fun, energetic and friendly class. Suzanne and her team are brilliant who encourage everyone. It doesn’t matter what you fitness level anybody can join in and nobody judges you. Get along to a class and see for yourself

Reply from Boogie Bounce:
Thank you Gayle. It's people like yourself that help create a friendly, non judgemental environment to workout in 🐸
Want to get fit, meet people, make friends and have a complete blast where no one cares what you like like or your fitness level? Then Boogie Bounce is the class for you! The instructions are fab and slightly mental 😝 They motivate you every step of the way. Highly recommend giving it a go!

Reply from Boogie Bounce:
Slightly mental?!! 😂 Well maybe! Thanks for taking the time to write a review 🐸
Boogie Bounce is like nothing I have experienced before. Not only do you get fit lose inches and feel fabulous but you smile and laugh with friends whilst you do it. Low impact on joints but the best high cardio workout ever! The best incentive for me is how amazing I feel afterwards - completely clears any dark clouds! Thanks to Suzanne Steele and the other instructors. Just brilliant. Xx

Reply from Boogie Bounce:
Thank you for the fab review Megan and highlighting what I feel is the main benefit of exercise...mental well being! 🐸 xx
Boogie Bounce is great fun. Suzanne and her team are hugely enthusiastic and you cannot help but be motivated by them. Don’t worry if you have never been on a trampoline before; within a couple of session, you’ll be bouncing like a pro. You can work at your own pace, so age and prior fitness just don’t matter. Give it a try!

Reply from Boogie Bounce:
Appreciate you taking the time to review Boogie Bounce Audrey. Thank you! 👍🐸
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