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The Social Network - View from a Convert

Finally got out to see The Social Network - the film about the creation of Facebook. Here is my view.

How To Spot A Stroke

25 November 2010 23:16

Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness spells disaster. The stroke victim may suffer severe brain damage when people nearby fail to recognize the symptoms of a stroke.

Chopped Liver – Jigsaw Puzzle

22 November 2010 11:56

A tale of a local Barnet resident and the London Underground jigsaw puzzle that is not quite all that it should be

Are Supermarkets killing the High Street?

According to a new survey commissioned by – the UK’s leading marketer for great local businesses – the majority of Brits believe their local high street is in decline and Supermarkets are responsible.

Scientists grow human livers in laboratory

Miniature human livers have been successfully grown in the laboratory, heralding the possibility of customised transplant organs.

DC Graphics continue their long relationship with thebestof

Announcing the continuing relationship between DC Graphics and thebestof Barnet and thebestof Edgware

thebestof Barnet welcomes Your Moving Memories

thebestof Barnet welcomes new business Your Moving Memories t the club. Videography for all occasions

thebestof Barnet welcomes Paradise Catering

thebestof Barnet welcomes new business Paradise Catering to the club. Catering for all events throughout Barnet and surrounding areas.

Stairway to Heaven

18 October 2010 22:41

A trip up the Monument to the Great Fire of London

Power to the People

18 October 2010 22:36

My 6 year old boy has just given a Powerpoint Presentation to the class - the London Underground

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