The Social Network - View from a Convert
6th December 2010
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Finally got out to see The Social Network - the film about the creation of Facebook.

It's a funny old world we live in.

We will watch countless hours on Reality TV showing people sitting in a room every day with nothing to do - and we call it entertainment.

And when we're not doing that, or more than likely, when we actually ARE doing that, we are tweeting and posting comments on Facebook - about the fact that we are watching the same people doing the same thing every day on that box in the corner of the room.

If we are watching a football match on the telly, or BBC Question Time, or a Strictly or X Factor or whatever else we might be watching - our experience is not complete unless we have Twitter or Facebook open at the same time so we can read strangers' comments about what we are watching.

It's as if it's not actually happening unless it's on a Social Media site.

It reminds me of the time around 30 years ago when the Mount St. Helens volcano erupted in Washington State. People who could watch it from their back garden, and sense the real danger to their lives, would be indoors glued to their TV set - as if somehow it was only real if it was on TV.

But we are where we are - and there is no sense in hiding from it - it is all-consuming. We want to hear the insightful comments first and fastest. We want to make the insightful comments and have an instant and often appreciative (see "RT", or "Like") audience at our fingertips. It is compelling.

And so last night I travelled 20 minutes in the freezing cold, paid 20 quid to sit in a jam-packed (still!!) cinema to watch a geek creating the first of trillions of posts and making billions of dollars doing it. And you know what? It's bloody brilliant. Couldn't wait to get home to tweet, post blog about it - that'll make it feel more real.

Now there... are 3.... steps to... carry a donor card - ooh, wap wap!
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