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Calling all sports fans, don’t forget to vote in this (voting available during the show) and for the lucky people of Leeds, the show is being hosted right here in our great city at the brand new Leeds First Direct Arena.
Interested in your buisness becoming aligned with the Bradford Bulls? We have some exciting opportunities for local businesses - find out more....
Bradford Bulls Pledge 10,000
Bradford Bulls Pledge 10,000
Frequently Asked Questions from the Bradford Bulls Pledge 10,000 initiative offering season tickets from only £60!
What is the REAL reason England crashed out of the World Cup so abysmally? Hypnotherapist and motivational speaker Gary Blonder suggests that none of the popular explantions explain what went wrong. The truth he argues is in fact a matter of mind.
Employers can be fined up to £1000 if employees watch live football on works computers.
A few individual World Cup Statistics for those of you interested in Soccer - or should I say Football!
Did you know - as an employer if you let your staff watch the World Cup matches live on their computers, you could face a 'penalty' of £1000 if you don't have a colour TV license?
Victims of domestic violence increased by 30% during the World Cup in 2006, due to high alcohol consumption and frustration at results. West Yorkshire Probation Trust, WY Police, and WY football clubs unite against violence.
Are you an employer? Wondering what to do about staff who want to watch the World cup during office hours. Here's some info to help with making your decisions, and also what to do about absence management.
9 months after the 2006 world cup we had a boom in baby births. If the National team do well in 2010 and the same baby boom happens it will coincide with changes to Paternity leave.
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