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Wrexham Business Week

17 October 2008 16:23

It will be an early start for me to get to the Ramada for the Breakfast Launch. Will it be a worthwhile week? Can I make time to go to many of the interesting presentations? Our good friends at Blackwood Business Solutions are hosting an event as are Ca

Broken Appointments

15 October 2008 12:11

My Tuesday started with a second 25 mile journey, the guy had been ill the first time, and I arrived dead on time. "He's had to go down south" his pleasant assistant told me, "I'm sure that he thought you were coming yesterday. I know that he really wants

An interesting visit.

11 October 2008 16:02

My first visit to Really Nice Chocolate was unfruitful as owner, Anna Shipley had been called away on an emergency mission. Her sisters boyfriend had crashed off the A534 near to Faddiley, writing off his car, but fortunately escaping injury free. The next