Woodbridge Community Orchard
9th April 2013
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This project is in the very early stages. Transition Woodbridge is currently looking for an appropriate site for a Community Orchard. If you have any thoughts about potential sites or you're a landowner or you've seen a scrap of land that could be put to better use do let them know.

Also get in touch if you would like to be involved:

Transition Woodbridge


Why an orchard?

A place for people
An orchard provides a green space for contemplation, celebration and peace. Trees are good for people and an orchard has a particular sense of permanence. The Community Orchard would be open to everyone and provide residents with a quiet place to come and sit.


Reconnection to the natural world
Productive trees are an obvious connection to the land that grows our food and to the plants that purify our air and help control our climate. Mature and lightly used orchards can be good shelters for wildlife


A base for sharing knowledge and skills
The growing, preparing and preserving of food are becoming forgotten skills. An orchard is an excellent base for re-learning them. It could provide a permanent outdoor venue where both adults and children learn more about food growing, wildlife and conservation.


Production of truly local food
An orchard will provide minimal calories but maximum opportunities for increasing knowledge and understanding our food supply. The use of heritage and local varieties will help maintain biodiversity.


Thinking ahead
An orchard would be a long term asset to the town. With good annual maintenance an orchard will last for decades. In the longer term, it could form part of a larger network of community-run open spaces across the town that produce food. Each open space could offer a different experience or opportunity to learn new skills. With various food-focused events throughout the year such as Apple day, outdoor plays or picnics, pruning and preserving courses, the orchard could form a new focal point where residents can come together.

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