Planning advice in the Suffolk Coastal area
1st May 2013
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Planning consent is a common hurdle when you want to develop an existing property or build one from scratch.

Subject to various limits and conditions, an extension or addition to your house can be considered to be permitted development, not requiring an application for planning permission if it meets certain criteria and recently proposed changes in the law are looking to make this easier. However you will still need to meet minimum building control requirements to ensure a safe and successful project.

It can seem unnecessarily complicated in some cases whether you want to open a tattoo parlour or put up a few wind turbines, or just extend your own home. But we have a beautiful coastline in Suffolk with some fantastic towns and villages around it and we want to keep it that way! There are also some serious considerations around structural safety, compliance with best practice and recognition of neigbours rights to enjoy their own property which are all part of the planning mix and need to be taken into account.

So if you are considering any type of building or remodelling, either residential or commercial, you really should take planning and design advice. Highly respected local architects we and other local people recommend you have a chat to are  Plaice Design Company based in Woodbridge.  They offer advice on all the following areas and offer a FREE initial discussion and consultation of your ideas. They are experienced, approachable, practical and can help you through the complex area of planning and design to make sure you achieve the best outcome for you and your project:

    • Feasibility Studies
    • Site Master Plans
    • Client Design Advisor
    • Outline and Full Planning Applications
    • Building Regs Applications
    • Listed Building Applications
    • Working Drawings / Production Information
    • NBS Specification Writing and Tender Action
    • Contract Administration / Site Supervision
    • Design & Build Contracts
    • Professional Certification for self build projects
    • Architectural Visualisation
    • Framework Submission Authors & Advisors
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