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KC Counselling, Woking

I first went to Keith under recommendation of a friend of mine who had only amazing words to say about him. Originally I was a bit sceptical to go to a male therapist but, once I had my first session and actually, within the first half an hour, I felt really comfortable and I felt I could openly talk about everything that was going on inside my head and was troubling me and I began to find some improvement from the first session. His knowledge and explanation of how the human brain works, his personality being understanding, no judging , truly interested in the person he is listening to, made me feel I was not hopeless and with every session things gradually began to feel better, obviously with a lot of work from my side as well. I feel much better now and he has given me the tools to keep my OCD, anxiety and self destructive tendencies at bay and I would simply recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great therapist. He lived about 1 hour away from me and that did not stop me anyway from having my sessions with him as I knew he could make me better. Even outside the sessions he has giving me the tools to face dark moments I was suddenly falling into and that made the biggest difference to me as I knew he was just an email away. He is a lovely person, honestly caring and loving his profession and giving it all to help the person he is treating. I thank him for having made me better and made me realise I can manage this.