Is your car summer holiday ready?
18th July 2016
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Schools are on the cusp of breaking up and so begins the summer holiday season. With so many people choosing to avoid queues at the airport and make the most of a "home from home" holiday abroad, driving over to Europe has always been a popular choice.

So what should you do to make sure your car is summer ready?

Here's a handy guide from Whiteleys Autos in Woking explaining what you should be doing with your car before you leave.

Are you covered for breakdown?

Check your breakdown cover before you leave. Many people assume they have the same cover when they're abroad as they d at home but this isn't always the case. The same also applies to you insurance policy - don't leave it to chance. In most cases if you aren't already covered, there will only be a small uplift charge to cover your time abroad.

The laws of the road

Are you fully up to speed with the laws that apply to the countries your driving through? For example - you'll need to display a GB sticker on your car across all of Europe.

But in some countries there are also strict regulations about items such as reflective jackets, fire extinguishers, first aid kits and warning triangles, so you need to know if any of those applies to you. Remember that from June 2012, it became compulsory for all cars on French roads to carry a portable breathalyser, so make sure you have one.

Getting caught without them can mean a substantial on the spot fine...

Check your tyres...

You cannot underestimate the importance of tyres that are fully fit for driving. Both the condition of the tyres and the tyre pressure are vital to have at optimum level. Incorrect tyre pressure can cause uneven wear on the tyres - and this will also reduce your fuel efficiency.

Keeping your cool

The temperatures abroad can be significantly warmer than here. Make sure you have lots of water in the car to keep hydrated and it's a good idea to check that your air con is properly gassed before you leave. 

Keep your car hydrated too!

Your car also needs to keep its fluids up! Before you leave check the oil and water levels, and of course make sure you have your wiper fluid topped up too.

That's entertainment...

If you're in for a long journey then don't travel without having your in car entertainment sorted. Choose your favourite music, look into some car games and it may even be worth investing in DVD players that can keep the children entertained for hours. It's the best way to avoid that "are we there yet?" question before you've even reached the M25! 

And best of all, have a wonderful holiday!

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