Passwords. Could you be hacked?
13th September 2016
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Apparently up to as many as 95% of passwords can be cracked within a matter of minutes... which when you think about it is pretty frightening - especially because most of us tend to use the exact same password across all the different applications we access.

So once "they're" in, that means they could potentially be into everything - with far reaching consequences including accessing your online banking, identity fraud and so much more.

Did you know that you can check the strength of your password? You may have seen this appear on some websites when you're completing a new registration, but with this handy password checker shared by Orbital Technology in Woking, you can check all your passwords retrospectively too. Just click here and see how your password performs!

And to see first hand just how simple it is to run a brute force attack, check out the video ... it might just be the impetus you need to change your password pronto! 

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