How to pay for outsourced telemarketing.
17th June 2014
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Many companies, when using an outside telemarketing agency, feel that the ‘safer’ option is to pay per appointment. After all there will be something to show for their money. Or will there?
How qualified are the appointments? Are they the right contacts? Has valuable background information been obtained during the call? Was the sales approach too aggressive – and bearing all this in mind, will the results be valuable in the long term? If the approach was too aggressive, will it have damaged the reputation of the client? When the emphasis is constantly on making an appointment and the fee structure is based solely on the number of appointments secured, it is highly likely that the telemarketer will not have spent time building a relationship, nurturing the prospect and doing everything possible to enhance the reputation of the client.
So lets take a look at Pay per Day. It would seem, based on the above argument, that the only downside would be based entirely on how capable, how responsible and how committed is the telemarketer? In other words, will the client get a good day’s work for a day’s pay? And that is where testimonials, relationships and trust come into play. With all the information that can be obtained through networking and social media, it is so much easier to find out about suppliers before engaging them. So clients should take the time and trouble to do the research and find out how good the potential telemarketer is. If the client can be assured that the telemarketer is all of the above, it is also more likely that the results of any pay per day projects will be far more valuable, the appointments better qualified and better prepared for the meetings that will follow.

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