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25th April 2014
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"The most important asset of the company is the people"

This is an oft-touted phrase for many business owners and managers and to a large extent perfectly believable - they do everything throughout the business afterall, don't they?

Of course they do, you know that. But some people do it better than others, so a modifier is needed -

"The RIGHT people are your most important asset". Oh that's better, now we're getting somewhere. These are the people that can truly add the value to your business that can make it fly. They're bright, talented and challenge you to do better.

What else does the business need? That's right - MORE people. Not in your company but in others and as Customers (see that capitalisation? That's because Customers are important) - people to engage with and build all important relationships.

Relationships matter significantly to your business and the more you can learn about building and maintaining them, the better. You cannot learn enough about relationships and take all the opportunities you can to develop them. Your key suppliers will work harder for a Customer they can engage with and respect, your own Customers will be happier and more likely to return for the same reasons. Build those relationships.

Opportunity abounds for new relationships, especially in Woking at the moment - it is a very business-centric place afterall - there doesn't seem to be a week that goes past when I don't see a different networking event being organised. A lot of these are geared toward Woking centre, but don't forget to look about in your own village as events occur there too and you have people on your doorstep to engage with.

Be active in the community too - it is bewildering to me, that a business does not become involved within the area they operate and in many cases live. The goodwill and free publicity to be achieved is simply massive. Get involved. It benefits your business and it benefits the community - everybody wins.

People, the right people, are the most important thing in and to your business. Get the relationship right and you can really see a return.

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