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3rd May 2014
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Although I have bought free range eggs for more years than I care to remember, and my parents kept chickens when I was about 5 years old, it's been a very long time since I was given fresh "home grown eggs".  I realise eggs aren't to everyone's taste (and certainly I'm not a fan of the cold egg - whether in a sandwhich, or hardboild), but I did enjoy these eggs by having soft boiled eggs, with toast - cut into thin strips or "soldiers".  And this is really where the story begins ....

I sent a quick email (as you do) to thank the egg provider to say how much I enjoyed my "eggy soldiers".  Ok, not the most professional thank you - but I didn't realise I'd be telling the world (or at least the best of Woking's readership) of my informality and my penchant for boiled eggs & soldiers in emails.  

I got a response back asking "how you had your soldiers ... toasted or plain bread?"  The email suggested a long running family dispute over this question, and the question of whether they're called "soldiers" or "sailors".  I paused.  I thought momentarily about disrupting family harmony, and waded in and responded with my opinion. 

I am open to suggestions, but I have to confess to only having had my "soldiers" toasted.  This gives the bread more "prodability" and "scoopability". 

So how do you have yours ... and are they "soldiers" or "sailors"?


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