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7th July 2014
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When you're running a growing business there are many aspects where you must remain "on the ball".  I expect you already know about the changes to pension legislation - but did you know there are government funds available for co-investment to support your businesses growth plans?

As a sole trader there are challenges in business - typically the lurch between doing" work, then finding "new work", and of course ensuring in the background that clients are invoiced and payments are followed up.  However a business with several employees has its own challenges:  at a "people" level these might include: how to delegate effectively, and how to ensure that others can follow your requests for work.  There are of course challenges around recruitment and retention - how to attract the most appropriate people to your business and how to ensure that you keep the right people.  Often the growth phase of a business has particular cash flow challenges - with more cash going out of the business before it "pays back" - so there can be challenges around financing your business growth plans.  

We're a group of local business owners who have come together to put on an event on 16th July to support the growth of local businesses.  

  • CB Financial will be talking about how you can use the changes in Pension legislation to your advantage as a boost to your employee benefits programme
  • Solutions Business Finance will be describing some of the more commercial routes to finance so that your business growth plans become a reality
  • Angus Lyon, Growth Accelerator Coach will be highlighting some co-investment funding available from the government, as well as providing tips for putting structure in your business so that you're running it (not it running you).
  • Me (Suzanne Hazelton), author and leadership coach, will be giving you some tips for taking your leadership skills to the next level.   

If you'd like to talk to me about the event, please do call me (Suzanne) on 0779 555 7623, otherwise I look forward to seeing you on 16th July.  Although tickets are priced at £50 inc VAT, members of The Best Of, who employ 5 or more people, can come along to the event for free, by using the promotional code - "VIP" at the Eventbrite checkout.  

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