SEO - just what does it mean?
27th June 2016
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It's something that crops up quite regularly but do you actually know what SEO means?

It's all to do with getting the highest page listings for your website when people search on search engines.

To achieve this, web page copy needs to be written using targeted keyword phrases in certain frequencies and densities. By doing so, your individual website becomes more relevant and more search engine compatible.

A business will typically have a very high return on an investment by having their SEO implemented professionally as it can drastically increase the amount of targeted traffic to the website. Having your website highly ranked and visible in search engine results can automatically translate to more business - more leads and therefore more sales.

Generally it's recommended that site optimisation is done during new site construction, rather than on an existing site - but it is still possible on your existing site! 

And the landscape is constantly changing, so having an expert SEO professional on board means you can stay ahead of the game. For example, Google says it ranks sites looking at more than 200 different signals, which are subject to change as much as 20 times a year. And if you don't play the game correctly, there are consequences too - Google can and does punish those who spam its engines by automatically blocking search results for 30-35 days or more.

When choosing an SEO company you need to be sure that they are fully up to speed with the nuances of SEO and can help your business website effectively climb the search engine ladder. SEO can be very simple for some websites, but equally your website could require intense website code, content, navigation and internal linking changes.

Don't leave your listing to chance - it's time to get the experts in!

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