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Never thought Hypnotherapy would be for me, but having been a yo-yo dieter for most of my adult life and it causing me such dreadful stress, decided to give it a go, the best thing I ever did, Keith has helped me so much. I am losing weight and feel in control of my life, at last.
I first went to see Keith about a trauma I had experienced 6 years earlier that was still effecting everyday life. I truly believed EMDR wouldn't work for me! even during the session I apologised and said I would be the first it didn't work for but the process was interesting... how wrong was I? The next day I could think of my trauma without getting upset and I have been back for more sessions since every few months. It is the speed at which it works that amazes me and I would recommend anyone feeling not quite the way they want to that has negative self beliefs went to see him. I have also sent friends that have had great results too.
This is just a note to express my thanks. I have being seeing Keith now for OCD and wanted to say that the sessions have really helped me understand how to deal with my anxiety on a daily basis. Keith was very helpful, and compassionate and helped me feel more confident about how to deal with my problems on a day-to-day basis. Keith also taught me the skills to disregard my negative thought patterns effectively and I am very grateful for his support, without which I would not have been able to get through a very difficult and dark period in my life, I would highly recommend Keith to anyone, Thanks again Keith.
A big fat thank you for giving me a lot of help in a little time! Feeling very positive and secure in looking forwards and I will certainly keep using the hypnotic technique you taught me - and remember your general wise counsel through life’s ups and downs. Good to know that I have your details should I ever need them again - but for now, thanks and all the best best. More than happy for you to use me as a reference -what you do is tremendous. Keep it up Keith.
Keith is a very easy person to speak to. He made me feel very comfortable which in turn helped me to open up on some personal issues. He was very good at helping me to see them in another way which has helped me to deal with these issues. I would not hesitate to recommend Keith to my friends and family.
I would thoroughly recommend Keith Davies-Evans whatever your issue or concern maybe. In almost 5 years that I have known and worked with Keith’s help, he has always given me excellent advice in all the areas I have consulted him about, even if at first I wasn’t that sure about it. Keith has helped me especially in the areas of self-knowing and self-confidence.
Keith has helped me considerably with ongoing anxiety and more recently when the anxiety became acute. It's easy to talk with Keith and he is a great encourager. Keith gives space to talk, listens and offers constructive insights. I particularly benefited from EMDR - something that few practitioners offer.
I'd never heard of EMDR before Keith explained it, it made sense and I liked the fact that it frees the brain to heal itself. It's surprisingly fast, I felt the benefit after one session. Keith is patient, kind and clearly cares about his clients. He also gave me some practical solutions to every day situations.
I have been working for myself for over five years and periodically struggle to get my work life balance right, I have a tendency to procrastinate when I’m not busy meaning I then have far too much to do and struggle to prioritise. After a session discussing my issues so Keith could properly understand what I was looking to change, Keith recommended a hypnotherapy session. I am a bit of a control freak so it took some persuasion, but one session has made a huge difference. I now feel much more balanced in my decision making and my time management and productivity has become much more consistent. If you find yourself battling the gremlins in your head then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you trust Keith to help you overcome them.
Keith combines a warm and down to earth personality with an astute and knowledgeable approach. He brings all his considerable learning and experience and applies this to an individual's clients needs confidently and effectively. He genuinely desires the best possible outcomes for his clients. I would recommend him unreservedly.
As a counsellor in training, I wanted a male psychotherapist prepared to work in a psychodynamic manner. Apart from this, as a student, I needed someone with flexibility, understanding, professionalism and knowledge. Keith turned out to be all these things. I have always found his manner to be so special. His warmth and genuineness allowed me to express every feeling and emotion. At times he became a father figure, at others a mentor, and of course his counselling hat always in place, he seemed to illuminate and lighten my load with sensitivity, humour, empathy and skill.
My husband first saw Keith six years ago and really helped him and our relationship. I then began to see Keith myself and still do from time to time, to this day. I find Keith to be friendly, helpful but above all trustworthy. My life is happier due to Keith's continuing support and advice. Knowing he is always there for me, is a real comfort. I have always recommended Keith to others and will continue to do so.
I had been to see Keith regarding severe anxiety and OCD. I would constantly worry for days on end and feel guilty about unnecessary things to the point of having panic attacks. I found Keith to be very professional, compassionate and kind. His vast knowledge of how the human mind works along with therapeutic techniques finally helped me eradicate this problem that I'd been suffering with for too long. This wasn't only in sessions though. Whenever I felt down or was having a particularly bad day, I would just phone or email him, any time of the day and he would respond immediately. He's extremely passionate about helping people and I now consider him a very good friend.
Keith has been my counsellor on and off over the last two years now and I have found him to be an excellent counsellor and very trustworthy. He has helped me with many of my issues, on both a practical level as well an emotional level too.
Keith is the best therapist I have ever had work on me, and I have had quite a few! He immediately understood my situation and didn't see the need to delve into my history which saved me money from the offset. His method of treating me also enabled me to get on with the job in hand (by changing the way I think). More importantly he never gave me too much "homework" only a sensible plan at the end of each session. I never felt exhausted at the end of our therapy sessions as I had been in the past with other therapists which put me off attending my first session with Keith. But, I need not have worried! From the moment I put the Skype phone down to him I was able to implement change in my life. That's right! He was treating me on Skype. No need to sit in the therapist chair. And, furthermore, he didn't clock watch our sessions. More times than I could count he went over time which enabled me to finish the point and not get the 50-minute time warning which I had been used to in the past. Keith is a very friendly, high-energy therapist with a great sense of humour but who also has a professional head on his shoulder - keen to assist me when I was having a bad day (outside of our sessions) by email and without further charge. I shall be continuing my sessions with Keith on an on-going basis because you can always do with a top-up. Thank you Keith.
Keith was recommended to me by a friend and by the time I arrived at Keith’ s for counselling I was so low and my level of anxiety was truly unbearable. I was also experiencing panic attacks and felt as though I had reached my lowest point ever and had no hope. I just could not take any more, I had lost all confidence in myself and was hurting deeply. I was carrying so much anger and felt as though I was damaged goods and I was carrying so much baggage around. I was so desperate and had tried everything, and I mean everything, including drink and drugs even some other counsellors but all hope had gone away. After my first session with Keith I could not believe the relief I felt and how quickly things began to change for me, even just talking was easy. Keith explained to me how the mind works and about my emotions and things started to fall into place almost immediately. He used EMDR on me in the first session and it explained a lot about myself. With each session I was given the tools to take back control of my emotions and my life. I felt more energised, in control, confident and at peace. I was truly amazed at how quickly things began to change in myself and in my life. My children were amazed to have their mummy back. I am eternally grateful and I feel so empowered.
I first went to Keith under recommendation of a friend of mine who had only amazing words to say about him. Originally I was a bit sceptical to go to a male therapist but, once I had my first session and actually, within the first half an hour, I felt really comfortable and I felt I could openly talk about everything that was going on inside my head and was troubling me and I began to find some improvement from the first session. His knowledge and explanation of how the human brain works, his personality being understanding, no judging , truly interested in the person he is listening to, made me feel I was not hopeless and with every session things gradually began to feel better, obviously with a lot of work from my side as well. I feel much better now and he has given me the tools to keep my OCD, anxiety and self destructive tendencies at bay and I would simply recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great therapist. He lived about 1 hour away from me and that did not stop me anyway from having my sessions with him as I knew he could make me better. Even outside the sessions he has giving me the tools to face dark moments I was suddenly falling into and that made the biggest difference to me as I knew he was just an email away. He is a lovely person, honestly caring and loving his profession and giving it all to help the person he is treating. I thank him for having made me better and made me realise I can manage this.
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