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Ink and laser cartridges at sensible prices from Merton's favourite printer cartridge company




We're Wimbledon and Merton's favourite printer cartridge company supplying ink and laser cartridges at sensible prices

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What's the difference between THINK! INC printer cartridges and high street printer cartridges?

Only the PRICE!

So how would you feel about paying only a fiver for an ink cartridge, or even less? Doesn't it hurt to hand over a small fortune whenever you have to buy ink or laser cartridges?

THINK! INC provide a cheaper - but just as reliable - and sensible alternative. We supply 'generic' inkjet or laser cartridges which are not branded with the manufacturer's name. As we don't have high overheads such as rent, rates and staff costs to pay THINK! INC's prices are substantially cheaper and you, our Wimbledon and Merton clientele, enjoy the savings.

And before you ask, there is no catch... you simply get a no-frills alternative that delivers first-class quality ink and laser cartridges at a budget price straight to your door in Wimbledon and Merton. You can rest assured too as every printer cartridge is 100% guaranteed for its working life.

We supply cartridges for nearly all makes of printers. Here's a non-exhaustive list of the products THINK! INC offers:

  • Inkjet cartridges
  • Laser cartridges
  • Fax cartridges
  • (All cartridges can be supplied in both branded and un-branded versions)
  • Desk-top printers, fax machines and multi-function printers
  • A good range of photographic paper
  • Storage media - CDs, DVDs, etc., across the entire storage range
  • We can source and supply your specialised orders including labels, post cards, specialist paper, etc.

And what's more we make life that much more easy for you. We know all our customers by name, so all you need to do when ordering new ink or laser cartridges is to let us know the quantity you need and we deliver to your door. It's all as simple as that!



Do you need a new printer?

The life of a printer is typically three years. When your printer dies just talk to THINK! INC - we're happy to advise you on the best solution (with the lowest running costs) before you buy. Remember, up to 80% of desktop printing costs come down to consumables and we can help you find the most sensible option.



Visit our website to find out more about THINK! INC - or better still, give us a call on 020 8788 2350 and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised how much we can save you with your ink and laser cartridges purchases!

We supply ink and laser cartridges for all the main brand printers:

  • HP cartridges
  • Epson cartridges
  • Brother cartridges
  • Canon cartridges
  • Lexmark cartridges

At THINK! INC. we're proud to be, in effect, all that you're looking for in an ink or laser cartridges supplier. We supply the:

  • Cheapest cartridges
  • Best cartridges
  • Fastest cartridges
  • Nearest cartridges



Wimbledon and Merton's favourite printer cartridge company supplying ink and laser cartridges at sensible prices




65 Gartmoor Gardens
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London SW19 6NX

020 8788 2350

020 8788 2350

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