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My son (3 years old) has low muscle tone and hypertonia - otherwise known as hypermobility, this led to him being diagnosed by doctors with a "Global Developmental Delay". The two together resulted in him being unable to move around and walk as early as other children and therefore had a knock on effect on his Gross Motor skills and subsequently Fine Motor skills development. He drools (due to low facial muscle) and can be quite unsteady on his feet (due to extreme flexibility). He was having trouble with co-ordinating both hands and general dexterity. Bowen therapy "globally" addressed the situation and had quite a profound impact on almost all areas of is development. Not only did his mobility and balance improve but his dexterity and hand eye co-ordination as well as his comprehension and speech. I noticed a distinct difference in his awareness and general mood , I felt more connected to him and as a result we are calmer and he sleeps better. I also found he co-operates more and is certainly more aware of is surroundings. We have more work to do but he is making great progress and I would highly recommend Bowen to any parent concerned that their child could do with a friendly shift / boost in the right direction.
I had a recent cancer scare, and whilst I'd worked with a NLP coach before, I had never come across the Bowen Technique. Martina was relaxed, friendly, approachable. I found the process fascinating and fortunately the scare proved nothing more. I would recommend her style and approach.
After one session with Martina, I felt a huge shift within, and felt lighter and more positive in my character and being. I credit the changes not only to the robust process but to Martina, whose approach is not only accomplished and highly skilled but also very results driven.
Martina is a wonderfully talented therapist in her field. Being an extremely harmonious individual it is easy to be yourself. I have had both Bowen therapy and timeline therapy with Martina, both of which have helped in finding myself and the answers I always knew where there. Though I have work to do myself in developing my mind/body connection, Martina will be there to help me along the way. I always feel free and unlimited in life after session with Martina.
It is profoundly powerful and expertly practised. Martina (the therapist) knows how to "tune in" to your problematic areas both on a physical and emotional / mental level. The results are AMAZING - truly. The challenge is believing in many of the things we might try in life but the proof is in the evidence and this WORKS. Well being is important and this is one very special way of making sure you stay on top!
I Love Syncholistic, Syncholistic is owned and run by Martina, and she is easily one of the most interesting, caring, wise and loveable people that I will ever meet. Syncholistic and Martina have helped me to prioritise my life and focus on the dreams that are really important to me. By teaching me some nuggets of life wisdom with her many techniques; Bowen, NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming, TLT (Time Line Therapy), and even a bit of TLC) I've grown and achieved a tremendous amount over the past year. To give you an idea; I've started guitar and singing lessons I am more active and have stopped smoking I have almost trippled my income over the last 18 months. I highly recommend that you give Martina a call, introduce yourself and see if you're ready to embark on an amazing period of new possibilities in your life; where your dreams really will become your reality. Thankyou Syncholistic and Martina! Love Luke.
I met Martina at a recent business strategy training session and was lucky enough to end up in a small workgroup with her for most of the day. During some very tough sessions she shared with us a number of NLP techniques to help rebalance, aid concentration and energy and allow us to refocus and increase our performance. They really worked at the time, and I have used many of them to great effect since - From such a small snippet of her skills, and such obvious and immediate results felt by the all of us, I would not hesitate to recommend this very talented lady - Thanks Martina! Jody Atkins, IVORY TREE DESIGNS
Syncholistic is run by Martina Grubmueller and she is an adorable person. Whenever i need help or advice she is always there to offer her words of wisdom or treatment in a personal and professional manner that suits me. It's rare to come across people who you can confide in so quickly and easily but she makes the experience truly comforting; one of trust. When barriers are broken I am able to achieve so much more in my personal endeavours and I thank Syncholistic wholeheartedly for allowing me to do this. Thanks Martina. Drew.
Bowen and NLP have put my life back on a "positive" path. I was going to say "right" path, but there is no right path, just many positive and negative paths. This is where Martina excels. On our very first meeting I could feel her positivity. My first Bowen session made me truly relax with a feeling of great warmth, which immediately helped my mind and then subsequently my body. Before Martina helped me I had been suffering with various aches over my body. These pains would take any worries I had and magnify them into anxieties. These negative feelings would then turn my aches into pains and so a vicious cycle began. I tried various therapies but all would only concentrate on either just the mind or just the body. But both are connected and this is where Bowen and NLP have produced true, long lasting results and where other therapies would only give temporary solutions. However, I believe that Bowen and NLP only work through someone like Martina. With her natural abilities, great knowledge and 100% effort and believe she puts into every session, anyone can benefit. Many, many thanks Martina.
NLP has provided me with tools to reflect on my behaviour and mindset on both a cognitive and emotional level and has given me the self-confidence to initiate change in my perceptions. It is a learning process that taps into the unconscious mind to trigger and modify negative internal representations and can be very emotionally challenging. Having Martina to guide and support me in the sessions left me feeling invigorated and excited about the potential to approach any current situations in more open and positive manner; it is a gradual process, but I already feel more aware, present and motivated. Wei-Ling, Citibanker
I was going through a very emotional time in my life and needed a boost both physically and mentally. I saw Martina for an NLP and a few Bowen sessions. She worked on not only the physical aspects but the mind / body connection which has made huge improvements to my health and my mental state. I am feeling much more positive and my energy levels have improved greatly! She is very warm and instantly puts you at ease - I would recommend her to any of my friends! Thank you.
I worked with Martina very closely for nearly a year and continue to do so. She helped me progress in nearly every aspect of my life and has changed (or helped me find) myself and the positive effects have been many and noticeable to quite a few people around me. For any sort of issues you have, I would suggest her. I was dealing (or am still dealing with): loss of a loved one, self-esteem issues, confusion with my goals in life, along with a hefty list of other problems. They are nearly all solved and I feel absolutely amazingly about it. I have been bullied for a good majority of my life and have found it very difficult to overcome - it has harmed me in more than one area of my life and I'm finally feeling like it no longer has a hold over me. I would highly suggest that if you have any sort of issue you feel may need resolving to give one session a go and see if you like it (forego one night in the pub; you may find it really works for you!). K. A., London
I was slightly apprehensive of the treatment at first as I am not exactly a ‘new age person’. However, I had heard good things and wanted to give it a try. Martina was very welcoming and warm and instantly set me at ease. The Bowen treatment was very peaceful and pain that I had been feeling in my right wrist started to fade away as my nervous and muscular system relaxed under her skilled hands. We have also done some NLP therapy to help me deal with a couple of insecurities and I am really looking forward to my next session.
I had quite a few Bowen treatments from Martina especially for my Frozen Shoulder. Following these Bowen treatments my shoulder movements improved significantly and there was a marked reduction in the pain as well. Recently I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy. This left me feeling shocked and worried. The Bowen treatments prior to my surgery certainly helped me with my speedy recovery and I am extremely happy with the outcome. Doris, Surbiton
I first had Bowen to treat a back complaint which improved greatly over several treatments. What was amazing was the improvement that I noticed in other ailments for which I didn’t mention to Martina. My skin improved and people noticed. I used to get recurring cystitis and have not had one episode since I started treatment a year ago. If I get a cold when my family does, my symptoms are less severe and last for a shorter period of time. I have also noticed that menopausal symptoms, such as hot flushes, decreased considerably. Maria, Kingston
I had heard of the Bowen Therapy sometime ago and of its beneficial treatments. Yet I never thought of learning little more about its system until this year when after a long illness, I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. At that time I was very lucky to be introduced to a Bowen Therapist living and operating in my area, Martina Grubmueller, who so kindly applied her skills on my body and managed after two sessions of therapy to make me feel considerably better, and on her third session my IBS complaint completely disappeared and I was well again... well and free to eat all kinds of food I used to eat before. Lately, after my visit to my Medical Centre for a check-up they found out that my blood pressure was considerably high; I visited again my Bowen therapist for a “well being” session and after a week, to the surprise of my doctor and mine, the blood pressure had dropped again. I am so lucky and happy to have discovered the Bowen Therapy and especially Martina who with her gentle touch, sweet smile and kind approach is creating little miracles. Vanda Dasealopoulos, Kingston Vale
Hi Martina - You asked me to let you know how my shoulder was following your taster treatment. Well, it's good! I don’t have the stiffness associated with the shoulder and mobility is good. Thank you very much for your time and energy, and for helping my shoulder find balance again. Ladio Marismari, London
In 1997 I had a number of accidents that left me with a chronic lower back problem. I have had various interventions over the past several years including courses of treatment with chiropractors and osteopaths. It was however Bowen healing with Martina Grubmueller that resolved the structural issues. I have been pain free for a number of months now – to the degree that I can now undertake massage treatments without stress or pain. If you feel that your body is ready to heal, I would recommend Martina as a professional and grounded Bowen Practitioner. Sue Hopkins, Divine Blueprints
I started Bowen treatment 3 years ago following a recommendation from a physio who thought it would help with an ongoing chronic back complaint. As soon as I started treatment I noticed an improvement in my back. It worked straight away, experiencing sensations in my body which indicated to Martina where I needed additional work. I continued treatment throughout my 2nd pregnancy, which contributed to an easy and straight forward pregnancy and labour. I have monthly sessions to keep my back in good working order and for general well-being. I always look forward to my treatment as they are very gentle and holistic, resulting in a very relaxing experience. I would highly recommend Bowen to anyone with an ongoing condition and to maintain overall good health. Martina puts you at ease and really understands and supports her clients. It is a wonderwonderful treatment, which until you experience it, is hard to describe.
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