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"I have been mishandled and taken advantage of by both the 'small family owned' letting agency, to the opposite end of the scale, the largest agency with offices across the country. Martine Mansurian of Southbank Lettings rescued me from a disaster created by the negligence of both. Instead of me having to travel to London and try to sort things out, Martine took charge of the whole mess, and kept me informed with contact at least twice a day. Having had the properties standing empty for months, with endless lame excuses, and no tenants, Martine really pulled the rabbit out of the hat. She rolled up her sleeves, and treated the properties as if they were her own. She used her team of trades, from plumbers to builders and decorators to work magic in just a few days. I am delighted that Martine is "full hands-on" providing an efficient and professional service which shines above and beyond what you find on the high street.....a bespoke letting and management service at fair rates, etc. She even re-filled the dishwasher salt! The properties were let, and occupied within 2 weeks of instructing her, to qualified, highly suitable tenants. That's what I call hard work. To Martine, this is nothing special, just a part of doing her job. My tenants think she is the best, too, as there were no hidden charges to surprise them!
As an overseas Landlady and therefore not able to manage my rented flat in London, I simply dont know what I would do without Martine from South Bank Lettings. She just gets on and deals with everything appertaining to the rental of the flat with the minimum amount of fuss and the maximum amount of efficiency. It feels as if she really cares about the flat, me and the people who rent from me, I have recommended her to my friend, and he is also very impressed with all she does.
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