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I was looked after very well and the Soprano treatment has proved to be very effective indeed.
I think everyone is very kind, polite and professional. I simply love coming here!
Re: Soprano Laser Hair Removal - Soprano XL is an exceptionally effective hair removal treatment and it is GENUINELY pain free! I was sceptical before my first appointment but now I’m a complete convert! Fast and thorough and with warm, friendly treatment from Nakedhealth – you DEFINITELY should book a course, I’m certain you’ll agree.
re: Soprano Laser Hair Removal - My overall experience was brilliant. Caroline made me feel at ease and comfortable each time I came and gave me great advice. The business is very professional and all contact was friendly and polite. Thank you very much. Will definitely be back.
Re: Facial and Microdermabrasion - Fabulous! Ellie is always friendly but professional. She offers advice if asked – never a heavy sell. AND her face and neck massage is just great – she seems to genuinely enjoy giving the treatment. Thank you!
re: IPL Treatment for pigmentation removal - The treatment for removing the pigment on my hands and face has been very good with excellent results. Great treatment and scientific explanation from Caroline. I had no doubts about safety, hygiene or comfort. I am very pleased with the skin tone and other people have actually commented on it.
Re: Juvederm Hydrate - After one treatment – very good result, no need for follow up. My overall experience has been excellent – everyone is so friendly, I will be back.
Re: Mini Manicure - Total relaxation, pleasant surroundings, efficient treatment. Feel-good experience – always made to feel welcome
Re: CACI Ultimate - I really noticed a difference, my skin looked fresh and plumped up the next day
High standards of professionalism and cleanliness, with a very welcoming attitude.
Soprano Laser Hair Removal: "Katie is wonderful. Treatment very easy and works well. Environment clean, restful and professional"
Laser Hair Removal: I have had regular electrolysis appointments with Katie, Sarah and Caroline over the last 2 ½ years and have always found all of them to be friendly and professional. Likewise the receptionist and other staff. The place always feels clean and hygienic.
Laser Hair Removal: “Very pleasant and enjoyable experience with a treatment that really does deliver results. Natalie was very professional and good at her work” Anna Burton 25.09.10
Great – I appreciate the punctuality of appointments, friendly helpful staff at all times, no hard sell on products just lots of advice, gorgeous treatment rooms – very peaceful – FAB”
All excellent! Wouldn’t go anywhere else!
I am very happy with my Soprano treatment. It is progressing very well with already visible results. I feel comfortable and relaxed with my therapist as well.
PIXEL Skin Treatment: “My skin looks fabulous since I had Pixel Fractional laser Treatments at Nakedhealth; my friends and colleagues have commentated on how well I look”
My wife and I travel a great deal and have treatments at other Clinics. We have never found anywhere that matches the standards at nakedhealth.
Acne Treatment: “My teenage son’s skin now looks amazing, he has so much more confidence, thank you to everyone at nakedhealth."
Elastiderm Eye Cream: “This is the best eye cream ever (and I have tried loads), I love it”
Brazilian Wax: “This was my first Brazilian wax although I have had plenty of other areas waxed. The treatment at nakedhealth was by far the most professional and painless”
Obagi Protocols System: “I developed Melasma after having my second child. I have tried every cream and IPL treatment and nothing worked. I was told about the Obagi Protocols system by Stephanie, the nurse at Nakedhealth. She prescribed this for me and I have been using it for several months. It has been a real life saver and has cleared the problem brilliantly.”
Electrolysis: “ The electrolysis treatments I have had at Nakedhealth have worked brilliantly, I am very happy with the results”
Skin Peels: “After only one treatment I have seen a difference already and am very happy”
Spider Nevus on Nose: “I had a very obvious Spider Nevus on my nose and when I came back for the follow up advanced electrolysis treatment it had almost gone, it had made such a difference to my and I am thrilled with the result”
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