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For eight years I suffered with pain from my hip to my knee of my right leg. I had trouble standing from a sitting position, getting in and out of my car as well as walking.and struggled to even to put my socks on. My wife recommended the Living Health Clinic and Mr. Vispi Jamooji six years ago, I made the mistake of not going until last week. What a difference this man has made to my life, in just a two appointments he has managed to take away all the pain that has plagued me for so long. I can not recommend the Clinic strongly enough and really regret not going sooner. Vispi thank you for helping me and even though my dear wife keeps saying “I told you so” it’s been worth. Once again thank you.
Just to say thank for changing my life! The Postural Re-education done by Paolo achieved results way beyond my expectations. My posture has improved dramatically, and I don’t feel pain in my lower back anymore. Highly recommended!
A very good salon, with friendly staff and a very pleasant environment. I'll be coming back.
This salon really has lovely staff, who are all very friendly and efficient.
Came with a voucher and had the best facial I've had in a long time - and I've rebooked already!
Outstanding professionals, they detected my problem and offered helpful advice from day 1. Thank you very much to a great team.
The Living Centre helped me walk again. Such nice people, SO helpful, SO kind, SO professional - Brilliant!!
Very good, clean, tidy, fine, bright, happy, always excited to come - I love coming here - really kind atmosphere! Very, very pleasant.
There is a caring atmosphere at all times at the Centre, for example when making appointments or if you have to change one. If you are late you are treated caringly. There is always a calm atmosphere.
The staff are wonderful and friendly and the treatments really hit the spot. I would recommend the Centre to anyone.
I have been using the clinic for acupuncture for 6 months and am extremely happy with the service, from the practitioners themselves all the way through to the reception staff.
My twin babies say a special 'Thank You' to Vispi for all his wonderful work.
The Centre has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Highly professional at all times.
Vispi is now my lifesaver! I thoroughly enjoy my sessions... and they have a lovely Receptionist!!
Always very relaxing and makes me feel like a new man! I always enjoy my visits to the clinic.
Always very helpful, and a pleasant place full of experienced people.
This is the perfect place to come and have your stresses pummelled away.
The Clinic provides great service with a smile - I couldn't ask for more!
A unique clinic with a dedicated team of true professionals. I can trust my chiropractor in his work and always feel better after the treatments.
I Love the Living Centre Clinic because the treatments are superb and because the greeting is always freinedly. The Clinic helps to keep me healthy and I would recommend it to everyone.
In the age of businesses being so focused on their online presence, TYhe Living Centre Clinic has an informative and helpful website yet their staff provide the most personal service and unsurpassed environment of friendliness and care.
The Clinic is well organised: the staff are very helpful, pleasant and friendly, and the treatments have helped me enormously - it's well worth the visit. I would recommend the clinic to anyone.
I have been so thankful to have been recommended this place, it has been so helpful, especially as no one else could diagnose my injury. I was impressed by the knowledge and caring nature of the osteopaths and have recommended them to all my friends.
This clinic is certainly a pleasant and relaxing place to be. The staff are very friendly, professional and punctual. I always enjoy my time there.
I have had various treatments and have always had the most enjoyable experience from the practitioners as well as the staff. I have recommended the Clinic to all my stressed-out friends as it has helped me so much.
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