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When I first visited Mr Jamooji it was on a recommendation from a work colleague, I had tried everything to rid myself of the pain I was in, not even exceptionally strong pain killers prescribed by my doctor helped. However even after my first visit I felt the benefit. Mr Jamooji really does know his stuff and I would recommend him to anyone.
I have known of Vispi for a couple of years through a mutual connection. I really wish I had treatments long before now. He has made such a difference in five visits, and certainly worth travelling from central london to see him. Can't thank him enough and would certainly recommend him to friends.
Recently I have experienced cervical spondalitis on the left side of my neck which I had many years ago. My GP sent me for X Rays and blood tests and referred me to Mr Jamooji for gentle traction to ease the pain. Mr Jamooji asked for a photocopy of the X Rays to enable him to give me the correct treatment. Presently I see him about once a fortnight and he also advises me of the correct way to lie down to ease the pain for sleeping and other general advice. He has been most helpful in every way.
I had been worn down by chronic headaches for 20 years before trying Osteopathy. Vispi took time to understand my problems before gently but expertly releasing my neck and shoulders. The treatment has markedly improved the severity and frequency of my headaches. It has been wonderful. I would recommend that if you suffer with chronic, tension type headaches to give osteopathy a try.
Having originally undergone a course of theraphy from Dec 2009 to April 2010, I felt that a top-up session would be beneficial. This proved to be the case. At the end of last week's session, I felt an immediate sense of enhanced well-being and a relaxation of the tensions that had been building up. In general I find my visits to be both physically and mentally stimulating. The therapist very sympathetic and I also enjoy our conversations. It is my intention to continue with periodical top-up sesssions in the future.
I am a very enthusiastic tennis player. Tennis means a lot to me and I have been playing it since my childhood. Following an injury I went to see Vispi. He made my knee better and I started playing tennis again to my great relief. His accutate diagnosis meant his treatments were effective. This meant he got me back to tennis courts which is what I was anxious about. I am so grateful for all his help and professional support. I would wholeheartedly recommend Vispi and his caring staff.
Mr Jamooji has an uncanny knack of getting straight to the heart of the problem with accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. My wife and I call him the 'Guru'!!
As a doctor, I have great faith in Vispi's professional skills as an Osteopath. From start to finish he has a very professional method of providing relief. Where conventional medical practice and medication was not adequate for recovery from muscle and joint problems. I usually relied on Vispi to improve the condition of my patients, and expedite recovery. He gained my confidence through helping my patients recover. He has treated me personally, and my family too. He continues to provide the excellent care I have become accustomed to, to my family, despite me being overseas, I am unable to provide a better recommendation than this. I believe his techniques and treatments for head, neck and shoulder treatments are very good. I would strongly recommend him to anyone considering alternative therapy.
I Have been seeing Mr Jamooji for a number of years for treatment for neck and back problems. He has always done an outstanding job of sorting out the immediate problem so that I am out of pain as quickly as possible, and can go back to a normal life. Additionally, he provides information and advice on minimising the chances of acute problems recurring. I have also recently started having neck and back MOT's, visiting the Living Centre Clinic for a massage every four months (3 times a year) or so, to try to avoid further painful neck and back problems.
I have consistently received excellent feedback from my patients. Vispi has treated me as well as my family. I recommend Vispi and his team each time.
HEALING is a gift, a talent given to few blessed people! Of course it has to be channelled and nurtured - a lot of hard work and effort goes into it. Vispi choose Osteopathy using this gift to help people like me and you! I was one of his first guinea pigs after he graduated. I still go to him after 25 years, as he can always put me right. I am proud to call Vispi my friend.
Mr Jamooji diagnosed and treated a frozen shoulder after almost a year of unsuccessful physiotherapy treatment.
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