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I found the life coaching sessions with Wendy extremely helpful and beneficial; she has a professional caring and sensitive approach and is non-judgemental, knowing when to ask questions, with probing.
I now have the confidence that I did not have before. With Wendy's support I have taken the first step towards looking for a change in career, which was something I could not have done without the life coaching sessions. I feel a lot better about myself than I have done for a long while.
Wendy has helped me in so many ways. When I first came to her I was very confused about many things, especially where to go with my business. Our sessions have been worth every penny and I look forward to having a long term relationship with Wendy.
Her calm professional approach made me realise my true potential and capabilities, and Wendy deserves all the credit in helping me realise my goals.
Thank you Wendy for guiding me through a really difficult period in my life. Your structured and calm approach helped to structure my thoughts and to overcome the hurdles I could see.
I always come out of a coaching session with Wendy with a renewed sense of purpose and clarity. My confidence and self belief are so much stronger now, and would recommend her services to anyone considering life coaching.
A very BIG THANK YOU for your help in the past few months. You are an excellent listener and really helped me make sense of my emotions, which makes dealing with them much easier, and where my life priorities are.
Wendy's approach is very constructive and professional. She really understands how to help people focus on what they want in life be it in their personal or professional life. I can highly recommend her services.
Every time I work with Wendy it is an inspiration - she knows exactly the right questions to ask to get me to where I need to be whether it is business or personal. Her sensitivity and total focus on me and what I am saying makes her an outstanding coach. Her non-directive approach allows me the freedom to be creative and to become the me I need to and can be without stress or awkwardness. She is a shining example of what professional and good coaching can do for us all and she is a lovely person.
Lifegoalʼs coaching really helped my to make the decision to change my working life and improve my work/life balance. Rationally you know everything but the coaching really puts everything in perspective. The service is friendly & very professional. Do not hesitate and give it a go. I look forward to the next sessions.
Wendyʼs whole approach was very encouraging and professional. Sometimes itʼs awkward to open up to someone about certain things, but an initial conversation with Wendy made me very relaxed to do so. Her many years experience in HR is clearly a real bonus - so if you need a real heart to heart about the direction your life is going - or simply a great sounding board about decisions you are facing - give Wendy a call, you wonʼt be disappointed.
As a male business person it is sometimes hard to admit you need some help with situations and decisions. Wendyʼs sensitive, intelligent, professional and above all completely unintrusive approach makes the whole experience effortless. I cannot recommend this service highly enough and the intoduction is FREE!
Whenever I need to chew over an issue or an idea for my business or myself then itʼs Wendy I call. She is very skilled at helping me get clear about whatʼs right for me and the next steps. Itʼs a funny thing but Wendy never gives me the answers, they seem to just come to me in our conversation. I always feel more energised and a raring to go after our sessions. Good on, give it go, it will save you time and energy; youʼll get there much quicker with Wendy by your side. Annie O.
Hesistant about coaching...donʼt be Wendyʼs approach really helps you structure your thoughts, helps you find solutions you were you were looking for. Why spent months of contemplating when a few "telephone" or F2F session can do the trick. Really amazing...spread the news.
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