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Tony has a wonderful personality and makes an inspiring personal trainer having spent 12 months working with him I can testify to the beneficial results with increased fitness, personal confidence and an inner calmness.I strongly recommend him. Andy Burnham
Absolutley everything!. From fun, freindly instructors, to losing that annoying fat, Fighting Fit will surely without a shadow of a doubt, fight alongside you in helping to improve your life!!!!!!!!!!.
I first joined Mr Lloyd’s martial arts school in October 2004 and have had the privilege to be taught by Mr Lloyd, both in group classes and in personal training sessions. Mr Lloyd has earned my deep respect through his dedication to teaching and his professionalism and it is a genuine pleasure and honour for me to recommend Mr Lloyd to anyone. I have always been amazed at the diversity of skills acquired by Mr Lloyd in his 40 year career as a martial artist. These include disciplines such as kickboxing, kung Fu, karate, aikido and self-defence, but also the practice of oriental weapons. Mr Lloyd has even developed his own style of Kung Fu, Seal Lung. At all times, I have found Mr Lloyd to be honest and hard working and I believe that he is an excellent role model for the many students attending his classes.
On first impressions meeting Tony: he tells you exactly how it is. He has a wonderful friendly, down-to-earth nature and provides great motivational coaching alongside personal training. He evidently works hard, is highly motivated by his love for his job and has great professionalism. I definitely feel privileged at having him as a personal trainer, martial arts instructor and motivator. He has helped me on the path to achieve my goals in personal training and improve my overall confidence and energy. He has a holistic approach to training and takes an interest in an overall healthy lifestyle with regards to stress management, diet and detox.( I will try and regularly take the cod liver oil - I promise). Tony has also a background in sports massage therapy and with regular sessions has made a significant improvement to my upper back symptoms, which have been chronic since my teenage years. Tony provides a very special personal training experience, beginning with building a good rapport, which becomes the foundation from which goals can be achieved together.
Fighting Fit speaks for itself! I am fortunate enough to train with Tony Lloyd, and I must admit it has been an amazing few months. I was slightly sceptical towards the potential gains and how long they would take, but within a few weeks I could see and most certainly feel the difference, especially in stamina and flexibility. On a psychological side you feel mentally refreshed and confident every time you leave a session. Working in the city, I usually feel tense and unmotivated, however, this is a great stress release and Tony’s professional approach and attitude makes you wish the sessions weren’t over as soon as they are. His patience is parallel to none, especially in the disciplines of martial arts where it is vital for learning and correcting students. He is also someone who is easy to talk to and always interested in what you are up to outside of training and goes out of his way to make you feel welcome. I would recommend Fighting Fit to everyone!
how come they are the only martial arts group listed on here ? there are lots in the area and I cannot think for one moment why they should be the best and the only ones featured here.
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