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Maria, the instructor is one of the best professionals I have ever met. She really knows every muscle of the body and know how to help to improve posture and breathing. The difference between Equilibrium studio and a normal Pilates class on the floor is massive.
Maria is an engaging + inspirational teacher with a very deep knowledge of her subject. You will not want to go anywhere else once you experienced pilates at her studio. I have done many classes with many teachers and none compare. She is in a class of her own. Nicola Aylwin
Maria magically tailor-makes her teaching to your body and character. She also manages to combine being professional and knowledgeable with understanding and charm. I have benefited from my one-to-one sessions with her in the last ten months and would recommend her to anyone seeking a fitter, more supple body.
I have been a client of this studio for five years and have derived not only enormous benefit from my one-to-one pilates classes but also a great deal of pleasure. Maria is an exceptional teacher. Michael Allen
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