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I passed my test after taking lessons with Richard West, he is a brilliant instructor and was very patient. He has made me feel confident about driving, as I had previously failed my first test with a different instructor a year or so before. I would definitely recommend Richard!
Zabida is the best driving instructor no doubt. Her style of teaching is different to other instructors I have been with so many other instructors before I came to her and I have passed she is not in it for the money she wants you to pass she also points at your photos and like as a instructor is because she really wants you to do well. Thanks u zaheeda if I had 2 recommend any instructor 2 any1 in the world I would recommend her.
After working hard, i finally got my licence. I took around 70 hours of driving lessons. I started with AA, then on to Red and so on. many different Local driving schools, my journey ended with Elephant Driving School. I passed at my 6th attempt. I passed with Mr Rocky, who i would never forget. When i explained to him that i already took 5 tests and i'm strugling financially, he helped me honestly. Very few people out there like him. He is an angle. At my first lesson he did an assessment and identified my weak areas then we both worked on it and finally i passed with confidence at the same test centre where i was failing very badly. i passed with only 2 minor faults, before i was getting 20 plus minor faults and few serious. Thanks You sooooo much for all the help Waqi
Elephant drivingSchool is the best just because comparing to my previous schools they provided me the best service. I passed with them and happy to recommend Specially my instructor was really good Mr Waseem, who help me to pass. I also happy to recommend him.
"I would never have been able to do it first time without Gary's amazing guidance, he was always calm when I was panicking and gave me confidence in my own judgments. The reflective diary which I used throughout the process was invaluable, making every lesson specifically targeted to areas of concern. It also has really helpful instructions on every aspect of driving which I read before my lessons so that time wouldn't be wasted, ensuring maximum progress."
Just passed my driving test first time with Elephant Driving School and I am doing pass + course as well. As soon as I started the office called and asked me feedback for my instructor. Lessons were well organised and planned. I also got to drive 2 different cars. I was always encouraged to develop a sense for the car and the road, rather than rely on my instructor. Apart from training you as a driver, they also make sure that we familiarize ourselves with the local test routes, which I thought was important. By the time of my test I had covered most test routes in the Morden area several times. It wasn't cheap but I think this sort of training pays its money straight away. I am very happy with the service I received so I am very happy to recommend my instructor Mike@elephant driving school.
I signed up with elephant driving school and I cannot tell you how happy I am. I passed my driving test recently. I am a computer geek and I love to spend time on browsing and surfing of different websites. I am glad to tell you that viewing so many good comments by ‘’P’’ drivers and their recommendations motivated me to select Elephant Driving School. It was a bit of hard work though to control a car steering wheel instead of computer mouse in first few lessons but I believe that success always achievable with determination and persist quest. I liked the way my driving lessons and days were scheduled, few driving lessons, some manoeuvres with independent driving on long and busy road. Elephant Driving School provided top class service throughout my learning process, up to the driving test. I must say thanks to my instructor Waqi Ahmed. He was a brilliant teacher. I have covered most of test routes in and around the area several times under the shadow of his remarkable teaching skills which brought me closer to the practical test date that I had already booked before I started my driving lessons in order to save my time in advance. I am very luck to have my full driving licence in first attempt without any hassles or problems. All credit goes to Mr Waqi Ahmed. Thank you very much once again. I personally recommend Elephant Driving School to those who are searching for reliable and patient instructors with top class customer services.
I did an intensive driving course 30 hours in 5 days with Elephant Driving School, which was catered just for me and my needs all staff @elephant driving school were very helpful and my instructor was great!! It can be awkward being in a car with a stranger but I was put at ease with my funny and patient instructor! Really enjoyed my experience with them.
As a Director of thebestof Wimbledon and Merton I can confirm that the following is an authentic and verified Review: "I recently passed my driving test first time after learning to drive from scratch with with the person I dealt with from Elephant Driving School. I had 20 hours before from different driving school, but i was not progressing. I decided to change the driving school and i found Elephant Driving School on google. My reason for selecting this driving school was just the fact that Elephant Driving School have the good reviews on google. I explained over the phone about my experience, so i was allocated with the person I dealt with who did my assessment and found out my level. He eventually adapted his teaching style to teach me in a way that worked best for me, and explain things clearly - he also worked hard on making me confident in my abilities. I would highly recommend learning with with the person I dealt with from Elephant driving school as he is very friendly and approachable and can break down the learning process so you don't feel too overwhelmed with everything that is going on!"
As a Director of thebestof Wimbledon and Merton I can confirm that the following is an authentic and verified Review: "Best choice I ever made switching to Elephant Driving School, had bad experiences elsewhere and was very low on confidence, my instructor picked me up and helped me gain that back and got me to test standard in no time and pass first time at Huddersfield Driving Test center! Made me feel so calm and feel very comfortable, as I was very shaky and nervous at first. Couldn't say a bad word about Elephant Driving School, very happy and will be 100% recommending to friends and family! Thank you so much."
As a Director of thebestof Wimbledon and Merton I can confirm that the following is an authentic and verified Review: "I took approx. 35 hours of driving lessons with Elephant driving school in London and first I requested them to provide me female instructor but chose a male as the instructor due to availability. Turned out to be a good choice as he was always friendly and courteous and made the lessons fun. The lessons were always planned and full 2 hour lessons. After the initial few lessons we set out a plan and focused on my weak areas so I could progress to independent driving towards the end. Under his tutelage I passed my test first time with 3 minor faults!! If you were looking for an instructor with Elephant Driving School the person I dealt with (Mr Shabir) definitely has my recommendation."
As a Director of thebestof Wimbledon and Merton I can confirm that the following is an authentic and verified Review: "I had always been completely terrified at the thought of driving a car, and was dreading having lessons, but luckily, I managed to find Elephant Driving School. Called them and had my first lesson, my instructor took away all of my fears. I had always imagined that a driving instructor would be a scary man who shouted at me when I did things wrong and who would have no patience when I didn’t get the hang of things…but John was completely different. He always kept calm and would go over things as many times as I needed to, until I was comfortable. He supported me all of the way through the whole driving experience, including keeping me calm on the morning of the exam. I would highly recommend him to anyone."
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