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Companies that have jumped on the Twitter and Facebook bandwagon are reporting a surge in customers while others struggle.
Help raise your rankings in google by putting these few things into practice
For years the big corporations have ruled the world, and the business world but not any more. Most of them are hurting, wounded, dying, or dead.
Look out for our next 'bestofwigan' door drop being delivered to 24,000 homes around Wigan from 2nd November , packed with some great special offers from some of the best businesses around.
the general public of Wigan are taking the trouble to write some really positive things about thier favourite businesses in Wigan. There is no better endorsement of quality and customer satisfaction than this - great to see it.
Ex miner seeking Wigan mines brass disc tallies for his collection. Can you help him in his search ?
A light hearted look at health and safety. Obviously,for those who are shocked and horrified....this is nowhere near Wigan...and hopefully not the UK !
An enterprising garage in Wigan has taken on the national insurance companies who offer to collect your crashed car, take it to the local garage repair centre, and get it fixed for you.
Welcome to 'thebestofwigan' blog. We keep this part of our website purely for funny,interesting and informative stuff about Wigan,or wherever you care to talk,share your ideas, tell us your gossip and spread the word.Keep in touch. Colin
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