Don't believe all the offers you see
24th October 2009
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When is an offer not an offer?

At 'thebestofwigan' we promote and showcase the best local businesses in the local area - and we do that in many ways, both online and offline. One of our most popular and effective initiatives this year has been the plethora of great Member Offers that we've pulled together. These offers are great for local people who have saved ££££s and they're great for local business too - pulling in trade and customers that otherwise would have gone elsewhere.

What we've learned also, is that the quality of the offer counts a great deal - and we go to great lengths to ensure that the offers they promote for the best local businesses are of the right quality and that they 'do what they say on the tin'.

With this in mind, it's particularly galling when large international companies make big high profile offers that have powerful headlines but little or no substance.

This article from Penman and Sommerlad the Mirrors investigative team is especially relevant in this regard

It highlights an apparent 'free' offer from a major printing chain that is definitely more mouth than trousers!

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