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Westminster Council is planning to protect frontline services from spending cuts by hitting back offices, middle managers and red tape.
Westminster Council has said that Parliament Square should be set aside for voluntary and community groups on the day of the Royal Wedding.
Westminster Council is saving £3 million of taxpayer's money by leasing 14 of it's car parks to a private company, Q-Park Ltd.
The six winners of the Westminster Living City Awards were recently presented with £500 each to continue their vital work within the community.
A recent consultation for Westminster Council's proposed changes to adult care services came under scrutiny in a special committee meeting.
Demonstrators on the pavement bordering Parliament Square have been ordered to dismantle their campsites by 5pm on 21st January by Westminster City Council
Westminster Councillors fought off close competition to win the £7000 prize for the New Year's Day Parade with an Alice in Wonderland themed float - the money will be donated to charity.
Haven't taken your Christmas tree down yet or wondering what to do with it? Read on to find your nearest christmas tree recycling point!
Westminster Council's spending cuts and proposed savings over the next two years - sliced, diced and processed for your convenience!
As the temperature dips even lower this week all Westminster residents are being advised to clear snow outside their homes and businesses to ensure the areas are safe for everyone.
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