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Total Soft Water - suppliers of water softeners, water filters and boiling hot water taps to Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield.

Total Soft Water is an independent local company based in Harpenden and the largest independent experts in designing and installing water treatment systems in both domestic and commercial premises in the UK. 

So if you are looking for a water softener, drinking water filtration or purification system – even a boiling water tap, then Total Soft Water is the place to start.  

Total Soft Water is an approved Kinetico supplier – and has a whole range of softeners and water filtration systems from other suppliers too. The company prides itself on personal service and support and has many customers in Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield. 

Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield are great places to live, but they do have hard water

Water Softeners

Hard water causes a continuous build-up of limescale in kettles, dishwashers, shower heads and washing machines; scale, scum and tidemarks around baths and basins and limescale deposits around the base of taps and in toilets. It also makes it difficult to get a good lather on soap and shampoo and can irritate your skin, particularly if you suffer from dry skin conditions, such as Eczema. 

A water softener will extend the life of your white goods, improve the efficiency of your heating and hot water systems (just 1.6mm of scale build up in a heating system will cause a 12% loss in heating efficiency), mean you use less soap, shampoo and washing powder and reduce your cleaning time.  You won’t need salt in your dishwasher. And your skin will feel better too. 

Total Soft Water supply and fit water softeners in Welwyn and Hatfield as well as offering all the salt and accessories you may need for your water softener.  They stock block, tablet and granular salt and can deliver to your home or business. 

If you would like to know more, please contact Paul Riley at Total Soft Water for advice. 

Drinking Water Filters

We are all encouraged to stay hydrated and drink up to 2 litres of water a day – but sometimes the water from the tap tastes metallic or of chlorine and is not particularly pleasant. 

Having Total Soft Water install a drinking water filter system in your home, either on the worktop or under the sink, is an easy and quick way to ensure you have a continuous supply of fresh filtered tasty water.  

Hot Water Taps

Total Soft Water now supply and install Quooker Boiling Hot Water Taps that are replacing kettles in many home and office kitchens.  

The Quooker Boiling Hot Water Tap delivers 100 degree C boiling water so you can make a cup of tea in just seconds or start cooking your vegetables immediately.  No need to fill the kettle and wait for it to boil – instant boiling water can now be on tap.  And it costs just 3p a day to run – so will save the average family money too. 

Total Soft Water has a range of Quooker and Insinkerator hot water taps to choose from and will install them too.

So, if you are looking for 

  • Water softeners – to buy and have installed
  • Salt for your water softener – delivered to your home or bought direct from the shop
  • Drinking water filters and chillers, purifiers and reverse osmosis water systems to improve the taste and quality of your water
  • Water softener servicing and repair  

contact Total Soft Water online or by phone – or even better, pop in to their shop in Harpenden and see the water softeners, water filtration systems and hot water taps for yourself and get expert advice.

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