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Evoke Tree Services are a small, friendly team of tree surgeons in Welwyn Garden City offering a full range of professional and affordable tree services in Hertfordshire.

If you are looking for a tree surgeon in Hertfordshire to manage your trees, hedges and shrubs (crown reduction and reshaping, pruning or dead wooding) or to remove them (tree felling and stump grinding, storm damage removal), then contact Evoke Tree Services in Welwyn Garden City for a free site visit, assessment and quotation. 

Owned by Billy Ryan, who has over 15 years' experience in multiple areas of the arboricultural industry, Evoke Tree Services is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and the Arboricultural Association (AA). So you can be confident in our knowledge, skills and ability to do a good job with your trees, hedges and shrubs – and all at highly competitive prices. 

Evoke pride themselves on their professionalism, experience and knowledge, friendly approach, practical skills and, last but not least, value for money.


Crown Thinning

The selective removal of inner branches to allow light and oxygen in and thus promote healthier growth.  Crown thinning is also used to reduce size and weight at the top of trees.

Crown Reduction 

To maintain trees at a certain height, to protect them from wind damage or to limit root growth, branches across the whole canopy can be reduced in size by cutting them back to suitable growth points. 

Dead wooding

For safety reasons it is advisable to have your trees checked fairly regularly for any signs of dangerous deadwood. 

Pruning and hedge cutting

The regular shaping of plants to maintain shape and encourage good growth, flowers and fruit.  Shrubs and fruit trees in particular benefit from regular pruning. Hedges should be trimmed regularly to maintain their appearance – and Evoke Tree Services have all the equipment, whatever the size and shape of your hedge, to do the job well. 

Tree Felling 

If a tree has become diseased and decayed, then it could be dangerous and should be removed to protect people and property.  Evoke Tree Services can come and assess your tree, advise on any necessary permissions required for its removal and then fell the tree safely and take away.

Stump Removal 

After a tree has been felled (or blown down), it may be desirable to grind the stump down to below ground level – often for appearance sake, but also to allow for building work and replanting. 

Tree Planting 

Evoke Tree Services can advise on the best types of tree or shrub for your plot and needs.  They buy from specialist tree and shrub nurseries to ensure good quality plants and then we can plant them in the correct positions and correct manner to ensure they thrive. They are also happy to transplant trees for you if possible (move them from one site to another). 

So, if you have a tree question or are looking for tree surgery in Welwyn Garden City or the surrounding areas, call Evoke Tree Services today for a free quote.

Evoke Tree Services have public liability insurance to cover up to £2m.

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