Feed the Birds in your Garden
16th January 2013
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As it gets colder and food gets scarce, remember the birds.

Giving wild birds supplementary food will bring them closer for you to observe their fascinating behaviour and wonderful colours.

They need high energy food to maintain their fat reserves. These are easy to make, or can be bought from garden centres, hardware shops, or supermarkets.

How to make a bird feeder:  Chill Suet or lard in the fridge until hard to the touch, then cut into small squares. Press dried fruits, seeds, and nuts into each square and tie with soft twine leaving ends long enough to hang on a tree.

Birds are important in the garden.  They eat insects, and therefore a natural way to control pests in gardens.

They aid in the pollinization of plants. By landing on a plant or sucking the nectar from a flower, and then moving on to the next, a bird does the job usually associated with bees.

Birds also have a good system for spreading seeds. They eat berries and then when they "dispose of" their waste, the berry seeds are disposed along with it. Bird feces provide good fertilization for the seeds with which they are dropped, giving seeds very good conditions with which to grow.

Help encourage the birds into your garden with a special offer (valid until 31st Jan 2012) from Sweet Pea Garden Services.

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