Shellac or Gelish for long life nails?
28th January 2013
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We asked our beauty expert and nail experts at A Touch of Beauty:

Gelish gives the nails shape and is good for weaker nails. It will last up to three weeks, but is often removed after two because of the nail regrowth.  It comes in a limited range of colours although it can be layered to create the shade you desire.  It's thick, like an acrylic falsie, so needs 45 minutes drying time, and takes 20 minutes to remove.  Perfect for honeymoons and holidays.

Shellac is the power polish.  It's like regular polish, but lasts two weeks.  It's hard, so good on strong nails.  The selection of colours is limited - nude is best.  It's faster drying than Gelish (about 30 minutes) and less gloopy, and takes about 15 minutes to remove.  Don't try to remove it at home - it'll wreck your nails.  Add nail oil daily to hydrate the polish, so it stays in place.  

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