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My goal is to lose at least 2 stone in 3 months. Follow my journey with Mortons Personal Fitness Club Trainer Alan Andrews....can we do it?
Need motivation or focus to get fit and lose weight? A great story from Mortons Personal Fitness Club has been my inspiration....I start tomorrow!
As the future of Rushden and Diamonds FC hangs in the balance we urge all supporters, and local people to attend the meeting on Friday 13th May to help find a solution for this local treasure.
A few local Easter holiday activity ideas for the whole family ro enjoy from thebestof Rushden.
Are you Losing it?
Are you Losing it?
We would love to hear your weightloss stories, and if it's motivation you need they've got the magic formula at Mortons Personal Fitness Club in Rushden.
29 members at Mortons Personal Fitness Club in Rushden are winning their battle to lose weight with amazing results.
Rushden's Biggest Losers
Rushden's Biggest Losers
Rushden's biggest losers have lost an amazing total of 120 pounds between them, and it's only week 3!
National Chip Week
National Chip Week
29 Members following the Nutrition Course at Mortons Personal Fitness Club in Rushden have lost 99lbs this week, resisting the temptation of too many Chips, even though it's national Chip Week, plus trivia about the great Chip!
2 Businesses in Rushden are voted most loved in the UK. Fighting off stiff competition, we wish them luck and hope the residents of Rushden continue to show their love so that they hold onto their positions for last 3 days of the 14 Days of Love Campaign.
Mortons Personal Fitness Club in Rushden and Bannatyne's in Wellingborough are the two most loved Health and Fitness Clubs in the UK as at 11.30am today!
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