Need Motivation to Lose Weight?
18th May 2011
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I've been thinking about signing up to Alan's Personal Training sessions at Mortons in Rushden for some time as I need to get in shape for a cycle ride in June.  Just like most people, I manage to find some excuse or another and keep putting it off.  Alan has just emailed me this little gem of a story:

"One of our members (Buster Pullen) who started our 8 week nutrition course has gone on to lose 4 stone in just 16 weeks. At an average of one stone loss per month he is following in the footsteps of Ben Gibson who has lost 7 stone in 7 months and who is now at his ideal weight of 12s 12lb after starting at 20stone 1lb."

Wow - it's motivated me - I've booked to see Alan tomorrow!  Keep reading the blog to track my progress!

And, if you need a little extra help, check out the great Mortons offers on at the moment to make the decision even easier for you! 



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